FILD/WILD and my issues with relaxation

I’ve been doing a dream diary for around a month now and my dream recall has improved greatly. However, my attempts at WILD, and/or FILD (Hargarts Method) are always the same.

I fall asleep, set an alarm for around 4/5 hours later for WBTB. The issue is that when I attempt to WILD, I seem to just spend half an hour laying still, feeling my body go weightless but I never seem to go beyond this. I fail to see any hypnagogic imagery and even when I passively attempt to just not notice it, this is as far as I get before I give up.

Attempting the FILD, I seem to either fall asleep before moving my fingers, or I end up doing the FILD and becoming more awake due to the acute movement I’m making. I then end up staying awake.

I seem to struggle with the relaxation the most, and end up just getting frustrated or ending up wide awake. Are there any suggestions to improve the relaxation, or improve the chance of my FILD/WILD working?

Can I ask a more fundamental question? How new are you to lucid dreaming? How many lucid dreams have you had?

I’m reading between the lines here, but it sounds like the answers are new, and not many. I have seen this countless times. People get enamored with one lucidity method, or worse yet they start with a very advanced one like WILD. I would really encourage you to rethink this strategy.

But regardless, let me answer your question. Then make a suggestion. First, you can try to have a WILD till the day you die and not succeed. Some people have more of a propensity to pull this off. That said, my first suggestion would be to take something innocuous to help you relax. L-theanine comes to mind. About 200 mg at the start of WBTB. Second, I would focus your awareness and visuals toward your 3rd eye region. By focusing your attention somewhere as opposed to random places, you are more likely to begin to perceive hypnagogic images. That is my experience. If all else fails you can try biasing your brain chemistry with galantamine or nicotine.

All of that said. I would focus attention on an easier method. Just a plain old DILD. Where you recognize a dream sign and become aware. Once you have a good number of lucids under your belt (20-30) you can branch out to more advanced techniques. That is my opinion for what it’s worth.