After six weaks I finally had me first LD since I began trying again after the military(where it was impossible to have any LDs for me)!

I was fighting off some witches in the town with magic, at first I wasn’t nearly as strong as they were in the magic art (especially one of them who seemed to be the leader) but I gained in strength with each passing second and was then able to vanquish them all! I then took a leap into the air and flew away before any more witches showed up or the ones I knocked down began to raise again. While I flew I realized I was dreaming and started flying even faster! Was a fantastic feeling. I tried to look up in the sky cause ive read somewhere that its amazing in dreams. But it was only a regular blue sky for me but I didn’t care much it was all too fantastic anyway. But I was only flying for like 15 seconds or so and then I felt an urge to stabalize meself but I didn’t really know how to do it in the air and suddenly it all whent blurry and white and I was half awake but tried to get back into the dream again but I failed and fell back to normal sleep.
How do you stay lucid while flying? It felt like it was much harder to do than on the ground everything felt so vast and it was hard to be so small… Hmm :wink: kinda hard to explain.

Oh well I DID IT!

:happy: Great Haroo, congrats with your first ld!

Fantasy induced ld haha
Well witches are awsome in dreams :smile:

Mm i just fly, but what ever i do i dont forget also to take a bit distance from my experience in my lds. That way i stay lucid and calm.

I heard some where that if you fly to fast you can make the dream world onstable, then the dream would go back to normal.

Thanks Jeff :smile: I’m not quite sure what you mean by taking a distance to it but I think I get the idea. I was rather calm when I flew the whole time though. It was just that at one moment I thought to meself that I should be stabalizing so I don’t loose the lucid state. I didn’t really have to but I got that thought in me head and suddenly I felt insecure about meself and the LD and poff I fell out of it :neutral:. That happens in RL too I suddenly get a thought that I must not do that or this must not happen. I focus on the thing I shouldn’t let happen so much that it does. Must really try to go with the flow more and not worry so much.

Hehe ok fire stone maybe I was going too fast it certainly felt SUPER FAST… Perhaps I should keep the speed down next time.

I ment take some emotional distance like not getting to excited.
Or insecure for that matter :smile:
Because expectations and associations will make you in control of your dream or make u loosing control over the dream :smile: