Final Fantasy Huge News

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I know there is already a Final Fantasy topic, but I decided to make a string for this. In the Final Fantasy string I mentioned that Square was not making any new games based on Final Fantasy VII. Well…I was wrong. just announced today that they have officially heard that Square Enix is making a prequel to Final Fantasy VII. I’m so excited, I just thought I would let everyone know about it. Here is the link to the article:


Of course, there’s really not much one can do with it besides Laguna and the Galbadian Wars.


it had best be for playstation 2

Yea, it is for PS2. If not then at least PS3.

i never play video games anymore so i dont’ want to have to buy a new console.

the only reason i have a PS2 was for FFX

(lol and you know what I have a copy of FFX2 for like… months, that is still unopened… i should play it some day)

video games kind of bore me nowadays sometimes.

Hmm… prequel to FF7?

Wow… that was totally the best FF game ever… at least, my favourite anyway…

I really hope they dont mess it up… tbh I dont like the new FF games much, FFX bored me, and I dont like the voices lol…
But the first 8 Final Fantasy games were awesome…

I hope this is good though…

Has everyone heard about the Advent Children thing they’re making? It’s a sequel to FFVII with the same characters and stuff, only it’s not a game, it’s a computer animated film.

Yea, I know of it. The animation looks great, but I don’t know about it. I wish they would have decided to just make a sequel rather than this, unless they extend a story further off of Advent Children. I kind of like the idea of a prequel to Final Fantasy VII though. It seams there is more possibilities with a prequel rather than a sequel. Maybe even a prequel could open up more possibilies for a future sequel.

I hope AC releases here and not just in Japan. It seems cool. :smile:
FFVIII was my favorite, but (in my opinion) FF X-2 was a waste of time. ;_; It was too… goofy for my liking.
Maybe they’ll make a sequel/prequel for FFVIII. That would rock. :content:

I don’t really like the idea of voice acting in Final Fantasy too much. I know it is available, but that doens’t mean you have to use it. Look at Suikoden III. No voice acting and it was probably the best RPG on Playstation 2 so far.

I think they over acted a lot of stuff in the game. Turned into a big romance story. Plus the end of both games were dumb. Especially X-2.

Wow this rules so much. FFVII is by far one of the best Final Fantasy games out there.

6 is the best, but 7 comes second.

:cry: the link you gave me froze up my internet explorer

i dont think this game will be made, and if it does will it compare at all to FF7? Look at X-2 (sequel to FFX). Very poorly made game that seemed like it was geared towards 12 year old girls.

I still have my hopes that they return to the Final Fantasy VII style characters, dump voice acting because it is a waste, and they don’t try to turn it into a love story. And it is true that this idea might never happen. But Square saying this means that they are really looking into and trying to compile ideas for a game of the such.

I really want to play that Final Fantasy VII prequel that is out in Japan on the cell phones. But I don’t read japaneese unfortunatly. And I have not heard any plans on brining that to the United States.

That’s AAAWWESOMEE!!! I goiong to buy a psp onlyh for that! :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: :happy: :cool_laugh: :happy: :grin: :happy: :cool: :cool: :cool_laugh: :cool: :content: :wink:

It was made official and there are even screenshots now for a Final Fantasy VII spinoff. Only problem is that it features Vincent and it looks like it is going to be a first/third person shooter. I hate that idea very much, but it is Final Fantasy VII and I am a Final Fantasy VII fanatic, and if it helps dive deeper into the world of Final Fantasy VII, I am very interested.