Final Fantasy Music Fans

I’m going to this and get to see Nobuo Uematsu conducting One-Winged Angel live!
Along of course with many other great inclusions! I can’t wait any longer!!

please excuse my nerd drool :bounce:

You are one lucky s*d now I can tell you that. I’ve been dying to go to one of these concerts for ages. Both me and my mother are obsessed with this music. Unfortunately, there seem to be no concerts in Europe! :sad:

I know there is a performance in Stockholm on June 12 2010 in Sweden at the Konserthuset. Though, Nobuo won’t be playing. But he’ll be there. :smile:


I don’t often get jealous, tyrael…but…can i come too? :cool_raz:

Dude, you’re lucky :cry: Nobuo is amazing. One winged angel, matoya’s cave, maybe I’m a lion, to zanarkand- all compositions i’ve been hooked on playing FF :content: I especially love maybe i’m a lion, but not the orchestric version. Rather the Black Mages (Nob’s band xD) version :cool: sweet shreddy solo :tongue: I might actually come. Denmark is and Sweden are neighboors :woo:

Sweden eh? :tongue: This is intruiging…

Final Fantasy music, eh? I was just listening to Those Who Fight Piano Collections version. I plan on learning that one. Such a great piece.

I just managed to finally learn all of “To Zanarkand”
The thought of trying to play Those Who Fight gives me chills

you must be very talented at piano

for those of you who don’t know, this is what Wyvern is talking about

I like the music played by the great artist Nobuo Uematsu , and these times I listen the most for the sound track of final fantasy VII

I play JENOVA and Those Who Fight on the piano, it’s such beautiful music! I’d really love to go to a concert, but when and where could it be? I know for a fact that he’d never come to Greece, but maybe England?

Though I never beat the game, I love the “Cosmo Canyon” (or something like that) track from Final Fantasy 7. My favorite track in the game. I once found a really nice piano rendition of it. I’d actually love to learn a fingerstyle arrangement on guitar for that.