Final Fantasy

since the old final fantasy topic is on the 10th page … here is the link to it Final Fantasy (now includes other Square enix games 29:6:06) :moogle: (also added final fantasy to the title :wink:

I just played my first FF game today.

I figured that I’d play Final Fantasy I today, for no apparent reason. I had never really enjoyed CRPGs. So, I fired up my NES for the first time in years, and got hooked. After naming my party for all the dead characters one of my D&D players created, I realized that:

This is fun.

Five hours later I’m fighting a climactic showdown with a bunch of Pirates and saving a city, leveling up my Red Mage named Bob, and casting Cure spells without the use of funky shaped dice. Apparently, I lived such a neglected life up until now. (And, also, I learned that Moogle was on to something.) :tongue:

So, here all the other FF fans can root on their favorite franchise.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is the only FF game i have

meh, it’s actually really boring, i got sick of it after a short while.

The same happened to me a couple years ago. Hated RPGs, until I played FF1, and I’ve not looked back since.

Try playing Arcanum. You’ll never look back.

I’m already not looking back. If I play Arcunum I’ll be not looking back x2, thus I’ll be looking back. :razz:

one word: MORROWIND the best rpg in the universe, but i outplayed that one, and oblivion, ultima online kicks @$$ also

Don’t forget the almighty Planescape: Torment :happy:

I’m addicted to FFXII now. To make addictions calm down, make perfect files.

And, even if both are RPGs and both amazing, the Final Fantasies and Elder Scrolls games are two different worlds.

I own:

Final Fantasy I (unfinished)
Final Fantasy II (unfinished)
Final Fantasy IV (unfinished)
Final Fantasy V (perfect file)
Final Fantasy VI (unfinished)
Final Fantasy VII (perfect file)
Final Fantasy VIII (perfect file)
Final Fantasy IX (perfect file)
Final Fantasy X (perfect file)
Final Fantasy X-2 (unfinished)
Final Fantasy XII (now playing)
Final Fantasy Tactics (perfect file)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (unfinished)

I love some of the ff games that came out for snes, and chronotrigger (probably my favorite rpg, along with earthbound.) I had to purchase ff chronicles and ff anthology for playstation.

On the playstation I’m fond of ffvii and ffix. The only ff game I’ve played for ps2 is ffx. I don’t think it was as good as many of the earlier games, but still memorable.

i hate it when i get dreams about the games i play… its always the same, im always doing a quest or a mission in my dreams… its just so boring and i can’t stop dreaming about it:(

my list…

Final Fantasy I completed
Final Fantasy II completed
Final Fantasy III … left it in mid game … and now I can’t remember what I was doing or where i was going! :spinning:
Final Fantasy IV completed
Final Fantasy V completed
Final Fantasy VI completed
Final Fantasy VII completed (first FF I played)
Final Fantasy VIII completed (second FF I played)
Final Fantasy IX completed
Final Fantasy X completed
Final Fantasy X-2 completed
Final Fantasy XII playing for first time atm

FF III was ridiculously difficult if I recall correctly.

That’s amazing, Moogle/Paradise. I guess I have some catching up to do. :happy:

Well, the PSX version of FFIV is bloody hard, as far as I know. I have that, and I can confirm it. Four-five battles and you’re either dead, out of MP to heal, out of healing items, or all of them.

FFIII has never been translated from Japanese, right? Or maybe it was, but for some console I don’t have.

I’ve only played Final Fanasy X-2 and XII and I can honestly say that X-2 is a game I hate. XII is good though.

I was waiting for it to may be be remade for the playstation but it never happened. So I had to resort to a nes emulator and the game … and play it on my computer. ( a friend found them online for me :happy: )

I can assure you that the rest of the Final Fantasy series is far superior to the X-2, trust me.

Is it in English?

moogle nods :yes: … so as not to spam :moogle:

Morrowind is a cheap knockoff rpg with shitty combat and dialogue. You probably haven’t played any other rpgs.

Try Fallout 1,2, Arcanum, Vampire Bloodlines, KOTOR.

Well, Morrowind is:

  • Mind-bogginly vast (Bloodlines and KOTOR, while still favorites of mine and great in their respect, especially Bloodlines, are tiny in comparison)…

  • …and open-ended (again, in Bloodlines and KOTOR enemies don’t respawn and the player is forced to follow the main quest with little side-quests, while in Morrowind you have total freedom)

  • Creates a wonderful atmosphere between landscapes (do you know how it feels to cross a land all day and go beyond some moonlit hills into a coastal town?)…

  • …and lore (the size of it is ridiculous)

  • has memorable characters

By “shitty” you mean text? Text dialogue allows for thousands and thousands of lines, a feat not achievable with voiced dialogue, as the sound files take up space. So, less dialogue.

You probably have never heard of Arena and Daggerfall and their revolutioning of RPGing, if you think Morrowind is a knockoff. It started waaay back.

Its combat system (namely melee) is nothing special though. Magic still rocks, allowing you to create any spell you may think of and enchanting yourself to godhood.

FFIII is now on the DS, if you have one. (Those emulators can be a lifesaver, by the way. Some games are just impossible to find by other means)

:eek: Nice!

Lol you should see me and moogle in chat sometimes :tongue: (btw she still hasn’t beat trema!)

Final Fantasy I completed
Final Fantasy II completed
Final Fantasy III completed
Final Fantasy IV completed
Final Fantasy V completed
Final Fantasy VI completed
Final Fantasy VII completed 100%
Final Fantasy VIII completed 100%
Final Fantasy IX completed 100%
Final Fantasy X completed 100%
Final Fantasy X-2 completed 100% (perfect ending etc…)
Final Fantasy XI (The mmorpg one got max level and quit not as fun as the others … not enough story line really)
Final Fantasy XII completed 100% (not one of my favs :confused:)

yeah… i’m addicted aswell :wink: