Finally a novadreamer for 90 US$ maybe a supernovar dreamer


Right now the nova dreamer is obsceenly priced at $500.00 dollars in the US and $700.00 in europe.

The nova dreamer is supposed to send you cues while you are in REM sleep. ( hopefully flashing lights) but how the lights are incorporated into the dream varies from person to person. Some people report seeing things like fireworks or lighting while others say the cues are more subtle like colors being brighter than normal. Right now the nova dreamer is obscenely priced at $500.00 dollars in the US and $700.00 in Europe. Of course there is no guarantee that it will work for you. Like r3m0t said, with a little creativity and a cheep timer you can get the same effects. I would probably buy the rem dreamer at $120.00 to help get me through dry spells.

If you want you can check it out here:

Good luck

Hi folks,

I have found that in the USA you can buy a Nova Dreamer for 275 US Dollars, another place had them selling for 300 US Dollars, on ebay someone was bidding for a brand new one, he already had one and recieved one as a gift from a relative and decided to bid for it on ebay for 175 US Dollars, in Europe they sell for £300 which is about 550 US Dollars.

I have been reading some of the other topics on this forum, that discusses how people have been making their own Nova Dreamers that actually work well, which is amazing. You know you could probably spend about 60 US Dollars, or maybe even less and make your own Rem Dreamer but you would have to be pretty skilled in soldering, and you would need the time and dedication in order to make it, and if one thing goes wrong your in for loosing a bit of money here and there in the production, but then you have the possibilty of buying a Rem Dreamer for 120 US Dollars and you know its going to work perfectly because these have been tested throughly by a team of creators and you would be getting an exact working device. I see that these amateurs here making their own Nova Dreamer are not always going to work perfectly, but if your going to get a Rem Dreamer your not going to be disappointed.

anyway i can see milod789 that you seem interested in getting one, i will just let you know, that it will not be possible to buy them in the USA so as i live in Europe i can import them and send you one, so if you are interested like i said in a previous post, just post a reply saying that your intrested and i will setup an ebay store where you can purchase one.

Happy Lucid Dreaming

thanks for the info, Milod789.



What? You’re kidding me. How did it get so overpriced? I thought it was originally $275 or something. It took quite a long time with huge bouts of miscommunication for me to get mine (and I don’t even use it!).

Guess I should dust it off and try my luck with it once more.

I do not know how it got so obscenely priced. Though, I thought it was overpriced at $275.00 Here is a link to the check out page so you can see for your self: … eamer.html

You are going to get a bunch of people PM ing you now trying to buy your nova dreamer.

Finally there is an english webpage about REM-Dreamer on site
Everyone from every country can order this device from this site.


awesome! anyone going to buy this? Let us know what it is all about!

I’ve already ordered it. The minute I saw Altar’s post :smile:

Thank you Altar!

I’ll let you know what it’s like when I get it.

Let us know how you make out with it. If it works it will most likely put the nova dreamer out of business.

or make it cheaper.

it’s also quite surprising just HOW MUCH it looks like the nova dreamer :wink:

I ordered one yesterday…
Can’t wait to check it out.


Once someone has been able to test this thing, please give some feedback if it works. couse i’ll order it right away when someone who bought it tells it works. thanks

yeah tashi, could you post a review of it once you’ve got it? thanks man

has anyone got the Remdreamer yet?? feedback PLz :grin:

Whoa, nelly! Easy, easy. :smile:

It was sent from Poland last monday. I guess it will probably be here (i.e. Norway) very soon. Hopefully today.

I got the manual on friday by e-mail. It seems pretty straightforward, although the version I got was somewhat poorly translated and a bit disorganised.

or maybe its all just a big scam to steal your money :cool_laugh:

Yea, maybe. I’ve still not received it…

you’ll prolly have to wait a while longer if your order got processed after they ran out of stock … :confused: (hehe, stuck)

Wow, out of stock already! Possibly they underestimated the demand :smile:

They have confirmed that it is sent to me, so now I only have to worry about what the **** has happened to it. Today I got a book I ordered from Amazon that I have been missing. Should have been here a while ago. For some reason the book was lying in the staircase of the multi apartment house I’m living in. Someone must have gotten it at the post office. Now, why would anyone get my packages at the post office? I smell a rat, to put it mildly. There’s also this other little thing that should have been here a while ago… Possibly not only one smelly rat, then.

If some bastard has taken it… :grrr:

And if the REM-dreamer people has sent it without postal insurance, which would be very unfortunate for such a relatively expensive gadget, I’ll have to persuade them to send me another one. I’m not looking forward to that.

But possibly everything is alright. I don’t know how long it takes to send a package from Poland. I imagined it took less than 10 days, but I might be wrong. In case there is a god I’ll set this little smiley to do some praying for me: :bow:

Good Luck Dysamalex.