Finally a novadreamer for 90 US$ maybe a supernovar dreamer

Hi folks,

Great news, finally there is a new lucid dreaming induction device called the Rem Dreamer, it is made in Poland and is currently being sold in Poland, the price is 90US Dollars. I have been to the creaters website but unfortunately it is all in polish, but i will be writing to the creator and seeing if he can get it translated into english. I tried translating the webpage with a online website translator but it was difficult, i managed to get some of the words translated and it seems that this is a nova dreamer and supernova dreamer all in one device with no cables works on 2 AA batteries and costs 90 dollars which is superb. The creator says that in july it will be sold for 120 dollars when it hits the US retailers. but we better start ordering now, Also this device seems like it will have the opputernity to be upgraded by a flash bios that will be downloaded from the website in the future, which is so cool, finally we can say goodbye to 475 dollars for a supernova dreamer and get this poland device for a fraction of the cost. Also the Polish have incredible programmers.

Anyway i hope if anybody has any more information on this or if they can read polish then they have got to reply.

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Sounds good. Please keep us posted. :smile:

Can you give us a link to the polish site. Even if I can not read it I would still like to check it out.

someone else posted a thread about this w/ alink but didn’t get any replies

Hi folks,

Im back again as you can see. I hope your enjoying this topic that i have made about the one and only rem dreamer, well i have some more very interesting news.

The website of the creator of the rem dreamer is:

It also seems that the rem dreamer is the polish programmers second project as it seems he made that cool device the dream flasher which he is selling for 55 dollars, i do not know the shipping charge. Also this website outside poland is selling it for 77 dollars + 20 dollars shipping at

so not only a nova dreamer or supernova clone for 90 us dollars but also a dreamflasher for 55 dollars that is incredible good value for money, so you can’t go wrong, your money will be well spent, i am defintely going to buy one, i have read up on how good the nova dreamer and supernova dreamer is, it works and cool i can have it for a fraction of the cost.

I hope to hear your opinions

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does it come with software to record your REM cycles and such?

I was hopeing that they would have some pictures up, but they don’t. I assume it is going to be a mask device since it has rem detection. I guess I’ll find out when it comes to the us in July. July. I am wondering they got around the lucidity institute’s (nova dreamer) patent remember a while back there was a devise called the dream mate that even looked exactly like the nova dreamer but, it suddenly disappeared.

Hey milod789 there are pictures if you go to the polish website

When your there there is a list on the right, if you look a little down that list in english it says ‘rem dreamer’ click on it and you can see a few pictures.

and holy reality, i have no idea if it comes with software for recording rem cycles, all i know is that somebody told me that it has a possibility to be upgraded by a downloadable firware update in the future, what i believe is that it will have a port that will allow a cable to be used in the future to turn it into a supernova dreamer. I really do not know anything else, i have been trying to get in contact with the creator and i will have more news soon.

It has been said that it will go on sale in july, but like milod789 said about how sometime ago there was a devise called dream mate that even looked exactly like the nova dreamer but, it suddenly disappeared. becasue there is a patent for the nova dreamer, well from what i have heard is that it will be sold in july, but what i am thinking is maybe it will be sold quitely to the genreal public perhaps even illegaly as maybe stephen la berge will really make sure it does not get sold in shops.

Anyway we will just have to see.

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I just thought of something. Now I am by no means an expert on patent law but, a patent is only good for 7 years. Now you can renew a patent if you make changes to your product. For example here in the US a lot of drug companies extended there patents by doing things like changing the color of the pill. ( I am serious ) We had to pass a law to end this obscene practice. Anyway the point I am making is that the lucidity institute may be trying to extend its patent with the super nova dreamer.

Actually I do not think it will have to be sold “quietly” in the US. If it is sold openly in Poland then they must have found a way around the patent. Poland is part of the WTO so they would have to honor a US patent and we would have to honor Poland’s .

NovaDreamer U.S. patent works in USA only not in Poland.
DreamMate was producting in the USA, so they stoped production, becouse of patent.


Hi Altar,

When the Rem Dreamer is sold in the USA, if it disappears because of the patent of the Nova Dreamer, well then say if i buy about ten of them, as i live in europe and then sell them acrooss the USA is that illegal in a way? because i thought 275 dollars for a nova dreamer is a lot to spend and 475 for a super nvoa dreamer is ridiclously large sum of money and when you can have the Rem Dreamer for 90 dollars thats amazing, so i thought of selling them to people. Would anyone here like to still have A Rem Dreamer if it’s banned in the USA, because i can see if i can get some.

I don’t exacly know, but so far as I know they will be not able to sell it in USA, becouse of NovaDreamer US patent.
So people of all countries will can buy the RemDreamer, but americans will have to buy NovaDreamer.
495 $ :sad:

I am not sure that is quite right. As far as I know all WTO countries have agreed to honor each others patent’s. So a patent in the US should be good in Poland as well. ( I think)

I am not sure to be honest. I’ll have to try and research that.

If the rem dreamer can’t be sold US then, perhaps we should file a lawsuit against the lucidity institute for creating a monopoly and impeding fair trade. :smile:

So far as I know WTO not include patents, becouse all counties fight very much for save its patents, so it’s imposible that they all agreed to honor each others patent’s.


You could be right. As I said patent and trade law is not my thing. I just have a general understanding of how it is supposed to work and it gets very confusing. I would imagine the Polish company must have found way to create a similar nova dreamer devise without violating Labarage’s copy right. So long as they did not use any proprietary technology to produce it they should be ok.

Great news folks,

I emailed Mr Adam Bytof a few days ago, he is the guy that has that website i gave you about the Rem Dreamer, anyway one of his colleagues has emailed me back,

Instead of posting the huge email of questions that i asked i will just display the mostly the asnwer and sometimes the questions aswell depending on the type of question.

Firstly i did not know this but in the reply, it said that Mr Adam Bytof is the Lucid Dreams best expert in Poland, who has written 2 books on lucid dreaming and has appeared several times on TV in Poland, but he is not the creator of the Rem Dreamer, i got the reply back from the creator and they said that Mr Adam Bytof is just there distributor.

Now lets move onto the Rem Dreamer,

It costs 95$ and it will cost outside Poland around 120$ in July.

NovaDreamer patent is U.S. patent so it doesn’t work in Poland, and the DreamMate was U.S. product.

This next bit is me

I told them about the Dream Mate and how it diasppeared after it was released due to he fact that Stephen La Berge holds a patent for the Nova Deamer.

His answer was this

We know DreamMate and as I said the DreamMate was U.S. product, but REM-Dreamer is polish so U.S. patent will not stop our production.

We can’t sell it in the USA but in Europe yes.
We don’t have got a patent for it, becouse this is already known technology, so we can’t patent it.

Okay my question

The Dream Mate was banned quicky after it was released
and if you are banned. Can you still sell it quitely
to the genral public through the internet?

His answer

We don’t know, but outside USA we can sell it normally.

this is me

next thing it seems, as they wont be able to sell to the USA, then i might import them, i am not making any promises, i will have to see how busy i am, and i can then sell them as a direct buy on ebay, i will charge probably no profit, as i believe lucid dreaming is a tool that we all have as humans and it’s not nice to make anything too expensive when all we want to do is experience them.

Now back to him

It uses two AAA battereis and rechargable batteries are also compatible

batteries will last around 2 months

and the Rem Dreamer doesn’t draw much power, so it will last for all that time.

Mr. Bytof doesn’t plan to translate his webpage.

But we will make an english webpage about REM-Dreamer in July.

REM-Dreamer hasn’t got computer interface and it will not have it in future, because we think this is not necessary to induce LDs.

prioce is 95 US Dollars + shipping in Poland, outside Poland it is 120 US Dollars + shipping.

Now this is me, I would say
shipping is about 35 US Dollars

Him again

we are not the creator of the dream flasher, the REM-Dreamer will be selling in July from another website.
DreamFlasher is not our product.

Mr. Bytof was selling the dream flasher for 60 $ + shipping. and the deramflasher website was selling them at 77dollars + shipping

me again

Now the strange thing is at the end of the email he said
yours Mr Pawell H and i remember recieving that same name when i wrote an email to the dremaflasher website about that device, so it seems that these people are working with them.

Anyway i hope my writing was not too hard to understand.

So the product seems really good, in the end they are right in the way it does not have to be like a supernova dreamer, and at theis kind of price we could open it up and turn it into a super nova dremer in the future.

Happy Lucid Dreaming

ok, don’t laugh…

can once of you explain to me what a nova dreamer is? i mean i understand that it’s a device you put on your head that helps you LD, but…how? :confused:

details, please!!



It is quite simple: on that mask there are some LEds which detects when your eyes are moving rapidly (REM) and then they deliver some light flashes. You have to train yourself to recognize those flashes in your dream and become lucid.

I guess you can spend the same amount of time training yourself to recognize some of your dream symbols/patterns and become lucid without any device :smile:

Take care,

Minor correction: The LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are the things that actually flash. Some sensor is used to work out when you are in REM - I’m not sure how it works. Alternatively, it could use a simple time alarm - you can create this sort of thing easily and cheaply.