REM-Dreamer - NovaDreamer clone (cheaper)

I found information about new LD induction device which is called REM-Dreamer.
This is almost clone of NovaDreamer. It detects REM state and gives cues.
This is polish device, so it’s very cheap - 90$, but they will start selling this device outside Poland since July. I’ve asked about it Mr. Adam Bytof who is polish Stephen Laberge.
This is his page:
NovaDreamer price is 495$ now, so it’s better to start saving now for REM-Dreamer.
Mr. Adam Bytof told me the REM-Dreamer will cost outside Poland around 120$.


P.S. Well, Poles are the best in the world in programming now. They won championship in programming.

I want to get one but the whole site is a different language. :eh:

Well have a look at the string “Finally a novadreamer for 90 US$ maybe a supernovar dreamer”

Or go to

I’ve ordered one. Maybe better wait till I have confirmed it’s not a scam :smile:


Thats a pretty nice price for a LD induction device. I’ve been considering buying the Novadreamer, but seeing this, I’m definitly going to tackle the offer. It seems I’m not the only one thinking this way either, being that the site is out of stock until the end of August.

Maybe I should wait till Dysamalax gets his to see if its good quality…

Seems cool :o

I’m glad I found this thread :content:
Anywhoo, I’m going to check this out, it beats the NovaDreamer, which is like $600 US since its discontinuation.

An extensive threat about the REM dreamer is found here:

Finally a novadreamer for 90 US$ maybe a supernovar dreamer

Check that one, i’ll lock this.