lucid dreaming goggles

i was wondering if anyone knows aboutany pans on how to make ld goggles or were i can buy them because i am to lasy to practice the ld stuff and i am kindov new at this thank you

You could get a nova dreamer, but they cost alot of money (and I think they’re not being made any more).

You could make your own custom pair, but that’d take alot more effort than actually learning a technique.

At any rate, if you won’t put in the effort, you won’t have LD’s. But really, it doesn’t take that much effort. WBTB and MILD at night coupled with RC’s throughout the day would be sufficent. And a DJ is optional (but very highly advised - they help alot).
I surfed to this page recently by mistake, so when I have read your question, I decided to post the link to it here. It is in Russian, but it is just a list of links to zip-files, nothing to read. I did not download this stuff myself (I’m not very interested in goggles), but it’s said there, that the first (pcm-mind) and the fourth (dreamweaver) archives contain computer programs and electronic schemas, allowing to make goggles with diodes, controlled from the computer. The dreamweaver even has a schema for determining eyes movement. So, if you are such a cool technician, you can use those progs. :smile:

i am trying o make the kavasar but its too hard to read and now i am stuck with the supplys is there any way ican get better scamatics or any thing that can helpme out

With no motivation and will to practice, even goggles won’t help :neutral:
There is one easy way to make a LD’ing device - get an electronic alarm clock and connect a diode (LED) in the place of speaker, then just set it to the time you think you’ll have REM stage. (I never finished it though… I prefer traditional methods)

Well ther is the rem dreamerwhich is cheaper than the novadreamer. You can buy it here

There is also the dream flasher

Of course there is the nova dreamer at

Alternatively, for a cost of about $30.00 you could get a strobe light and timer. You set the timer to go off during rem sleep. The down side of this is that there is no rem detection but the up side is that it is very cheap.

However, I do want to advise you that having a novadreamer device may not give you the results you want. You will still have to teach yourself to recognize the cues the device gives you. That is, if it gives you any cues at all. If you read this site more you will find mixed reports from people who have used the nova dreamer. While these devices do work, they will not magically give you lucid dreams. You will still have to practice.

As everyone above has already said, the lucid dreaming induction techniques are not that difficult to learn and do.

Well happy dreaming and good luck.

but dosent the rem dreamer coast alot in the us and i cant read germen thanks i wont a realy cheap one that can coast aoround 100

As far as I know the $147.00 is the US price. You can contact them just to make sure.

Sorry about that. The last time I visited that site it was in English. Obviously that was a long time ago.

Good luck. The cheapest I have seen is the rem dreamer.

The best you can do for that price would be this :

Or you could make your own goggles. There are several plans out there that explain how to do this.

But, as fore buying one for less than $100.00 just is not going to happen any time soon. There are meditation goggles and light and sound machines that people use for meditation but, they are just as pricy as the nova dreamer.