Finally, some progress with WILD?

Today when I decided to try WILD together with a nap.I personally feel that I progressed more than ever towards my first successful WILD. And the great thing is that I can really see what made the difference for me this time.

I was lying in my bed in a relaxed position. I started listening to the internal sound of my ears. I was getting more and more relaxed and then I managed to do something I never done before. I managed to shift my attention inwards, to a point where it almost felt like I was -located- inside my head. It sounds weird but it was an amazing feeling because I could really drop the focus on my body and I felt that I for once made som progress.

From that point I just remained there and felt my body go numb and warm. But the thing that bothers me is that my breathing started to get really shallow and my heart felt like it was going to burst out my chest. I could also feel myself starting to sweat like mad in my palms. I start to think to myself that it’s just my subconscious that is taking over my breathing and I try to not take any gasps of air anything like that. But it gets to a point when I almost feel like I’m going to die if I don’t start breathing myself. But when I actually told myself that I’m still breathing even if it’s a bit irregular it seemed to calm down and soon it didn’t bother me. But now my eyes started to twitch like mad instead and I had to force them shut. At this point It felt pretty strange “mind-wise” but the sudden sensations had kicked my awareness back quite a bit. It all continued for some time before fading fully, I opened my eyes and slowly did a RC only to find that I was awake.

Wall of text, but that was my afternoon WILD attempt. As I said, it felt like I made some progress. But I didn’t get further, was it due to me getting to aware of what was happening? Or could it be that I wasn’t in a REM cycle or something so I didn’t have a dream to enter?

And finally, I’m a bit worried that I’m ACTUALLY having problems breathing and shouldn’t be pushing it. Since it feels like I’m still fully awake when it happens. :meh:

// Kris

No, you’re (probably) not having breathing problems :content:. It’s very common when you attempt WILD while fully awake to get feelings like this. Your breathing starts to become automated, which makes you feel like you aren’t breathing enough which makes you panic, which increases your heartrate, which makes you want to breath even more. Stay calm and your on your way.

Also, if you feel the need to do an RC try to keep your eyes closed. The movement won’t wake you up too much, but the vision sure will. Good luck to you!

All right, thanks. Then I can relax a bit better next time. Cheers. :smile: