Finally! :)

after 5-6 months i finally had a lucid dream again :smile:
i dreamed that i was crying then i looked at my cabinet and found some neat tops and i could feel their texture and stuff then suddenly…i don’t have these clothes… :eh:
so i look at my hands and a 6th finger sprouts on my left hand and i say i’m dreaming!
so i close my eyes and imagine blue and make ome swimming motions since i promised that the first thing i’ll do was to swim.
but then my dad woke me up and asked me why i was crying and i got mad at him and told him that he ruined my LD.
so i wet back to sleep and had a cool dream about stars :wink:
but when i woke up i realized i had a FA!!! :grrr:
i’m annoyed…

congrats!!! :thumbs: :boogie: :cheer: :boogie:

Did you tell yourself before sleep “I will recognize when I’m dreaming?” :wink:

lol thanks.
i didn’t really try anything i said “i just wanna sleep :smile:”. but i think it was the RCs that did it.
maybe i’ll get lucky again tonight?

Congratulations on your LD!! :cool:

Are you going to post the cool dream about stars, too?

Were you crying IRL when you dreamt that you were crying?

Try taking a RC everytime you wake up. It’ll catch all those annoying FA’s and turn them into fun LD’s :wink:.

no it was definitely in the dream coz my dad said he never woke me up or heard me crying

I had another one Thursday night!!! it was 10x better, i had 3 false awakenings, 2 times i lost lucidity, and flew 2 times (the first time, i got stuck in a tree). i even made a clock go backwards :wink:

Well done :smile:. Now, I bet you can’t wait for your next one :wink:.