I had my first lucid dream in 2 years last night! Woo hoo! It was awsome I used (Wild)

First I layed in bed for 10 minutes, started to get an OBE (jolted back to my body) said I WILL BE LUCID then woke up into my dream, started going crazy and woke up :confused: Forgot that you are supposed to stay calm…

anyways just posting because I am very excited and to show ppl who think this isnt possible that it is, I beleived for a while that I would never have one but out of the blue it just happend. Never give up on it and keep trying no matter what and you will achieve your goals.

:happy: Congradulations! Let’s all PARTY!!! :yay: :partying_face: :yay:

:grin: Yeah, in my first LD, I was soo excited I just suddenly flew at about the speed of a bullet.

Congrats, mi amigo, I know how happy you are. ^^

congrats :happy:
Wish you many more LDs on your journey :wink:

Perhaps a “Don’t Panic” poster in your bedroom to help remeber to stay calm? :smile:

Very good!!I know that sensation of excitment for your first LD, i had it a week ago,its the best experience I could hace