Finally i had my first real fullblown lucid dream! It started as a normal dream, then everything was getting weirder and weirder, my cat became a tiger and i saw invisible cars (could only see little of them) i thought to myself, i must be dreaming but then thought this is way to real to be a dream so i cant be!!! when a cop told me i had killed someone it was enough, i forced myself to belive it was a dream, and so it was! the cops and my family wich had bin active just stood still, as if they were thinking: damnit he got us, well now we´ll do anything you want. i tried some lucid powers like thinking tomyself that when i turn around i there will be a tree in the road, and so it was! i suddenly heard a voice in my head telling me that if i wanted to know what had happend to my cat i should go to a specific place downtown. i thought to myself; why are “they” saying this, i dont care, i already know that this is a dream! the whole dream was a struggle between my counsiousness and my subcounsiousness wich didnt want me to be lucid, i have no idea why. maybe my brain wasnt used to have the logical part active during sleep and wanted things to be as they were, i have no idea! before i went lucid i asked my brother if he saw the invisible cars, i asked him if he thought it to be strange. i was surprised that he thought it to be normal (the dream was so real!) are you also experiencing this force that dont want you to become lucid??

the technique i used was to do nothing, i have bin mad because i wont get lucid and i have bin real active with RC and trying all the new tecniques, the sulimal ones and such with no progress at all!!!
what i did was:
friday: was dancing till 7 in the morning, slept to 4 on saturday, went to copenhagen for astral projections liveset, dancing from 10 to 7 in the morning and was home in bed at 01.00 on sunday, slept till 7 and was awaken and went up for dinner with my family, went to bed an hour later and had the dream at 1.00 in the night!!!
by the way, astral projection was awesome, they played a track in wich they were talking about lucid dreams!! for you who dont know who they are they are among those who created psychedelic trance more then 10 years ago. any for you who know who they are tell me, it would be fun to know if there are or how many trancers there are here : )

Congratulations :smile:

I think i have some tracks with AP, and i’ve thought about if one of them were about lucid dreaming. It’s called “Still Dreaming”, and there’s a voice saying something like:
“When you dream, there are no rules. People can fly, anything can happen. Sometimes, there’s a moment, as you’re waking, where you come aware of the real world around you. But you’re still dreaming. You may think you can fly, but you better not try.”

:cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: Congrats!!! :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh:

now that i got that out of the way :smile: , how real did your dream feel? just wondering, did it feel like real life. just like if you were dreaming as you are reading this post? the best lucid dreams are the clearest ones… congrats again! :grin:

:happy: :content: :content: :smile: :smile: WOOHOO! good for you! I’m still trying!!! charlotte stares at her hand, then the clock, then her hand…

thanks everyone!!!
how real the dream was…the this is that when i woke up it still felt real, and i was very clear in my head. i went to sleep for some hours after that and when i thought about the dream it didnt feel as real as i experienced it…but in the dream when i just relised it was almost as real as now, but my brain didnt function fully, i was still a bit in the dream, otherwise i would have done different things, such as speaking to ppl, exploring the limits more than just have fun if you see what i mean. but i was very very surprised at the moment that everything could be so clear. some other dreams i just remember the dreams more like thoughts, not visually : (

ulrik_tr: yes it might have bin that one, i was in such a heavy trans i just heard it partally and didnt thought of it at the time (no i didnt take any drugs i just tend to become one with the music sometimes : )

Congratulations! :happy: First times are always the best! You’ll most likely remember this indefinitely.

Every time I have a lucid dream, dreamlike state stays in my mind for the entire morning. I sort of float along and everything is pleasant… a very euphoric feeling :smile:

Again, congrats, and I hope you have more success in the future.