Finaly, my hard work has payed off.

After 4 months and 30 days I have finaly Lucid Dreamed! It was amazing only a couple of seconds but that gave me enough time to fly. I suck at it. man I’m happy. I woke up at like 5:30 and stayed up till 6:30. Then I started saying I’m going to try a WILD and have a LD when I do I’ll fly. I said please can I have a LD and I started trying the rope technique to try to do Astral Projection. My mind wondered as usual and I started doing senerios where I’m doing RC’s then bingo I’m actualy dreaming and I RC I try to pass my hand through my hand and it works and I’m like I’M DREAMING and I become super excited and I tell myself to not be excited and I jump up like 50m in the air and start to fly! Oh! The expeaience of Flying I haven’t flown in a couple years. I flew for a couple seconds and started to go down (Scary feeling btw) and I tryed to land softly but I mostly crashed and I woke up.
Yes. :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh:

Well done - it’s a very nice experience, isn’t it? Your patience is impressive. It only took me a couple of weeks to get it, but if it had taken me as long as it’s taken you, I would have got bored and given up. So yeah, well done. Keep it up, yeah?

what is this rope technique for astral projection ???

congratulations on your first LD though. your first one sounds like i lasted a lot longer than mine, and flying is great isn’t it? :yinyang:

im on my 4 month mark now, hope i dont have to wait another 30 days though.
kudos on your achievement avalon :cool:

Congratulations :smile:

You visualise an Invisible rope and you pull your self up by this rope until you get outside your body.
Thanks guys.
Kurt you probably won’t.
Think Positive.

Do you think the asking to have a LD … “please”?? … helped?
Someone else just mentioned succeeding by asking nicely. It’s interesting. Perhaps our subconscious mind just teases us until we grovel enough? LOL

Congrats! LDs are so inspirational :happy: I wish I had more of them! (But that’s why we’re here~)

I remember my first real LD. So cool :slight_smile:

Seemed like a whole combination of techniques you used, and they worked :smile: I hope you’ll get another LD soon :slight_smile:

I forgot who wrote it but I think it was moogle, who wrote of that she asked for a Ld nicely and it worked. Maybe thats the key. Wow that was awsome… amazing. I remeber when I switched from reality to dreaming. Dreaming was so real. it felt a lot different, a lot like as if I just opened my eyes for the first time and I saw clearly.

Oh I also made a deal with myself that If I LD I will stop doing it. So now I can’t do it but hey if I LD it’s worth it. add that to my list of things done last night to get a LD. lol

Congratulatiosn to the Golden King of Avalon! carries through the streets with a trumpet

You got a trumpet? If y’ain’t I got one. :content:

Well done. I have had a few LDs, but haven’t kept count. Oh well.

Hi Your text made me all jittery and excited. I remebered my one and only LD (so far) I felt the same but - and I flew too - over water at a low level wow! But it ended abruptly when I was really realising I was lucid when I tried to move my body (spinning) but I couldnt move a muscle. I could see my self laying in the bed as I sat (maybe hovered) by the bed. Then I struggled a bit and moved and woke up. Felt elated but heavy all day. No more since tho and that was 1 year ago. Have been too focussed tho but am rekindling the interest (the courage really) - silly eh?