Finding a specific person

Hey all, there’s someone I’ve been looking for in my dreams for a while, and I was wondering if you have any advise on finding a specific person. I’ve read a lot of DJ’s where a person tries to “will” their target to them, only to end up finding a different person (sometimes disguised as the target). I know I myself have only been able to catch a glipse of their shadow so far (as it turns out, the shadow was mine but looked like theirs… trippy, eh?).

Are there any other techniques you might recommend?

You can try to call out their name until they answer :tongue: or ask a DC where they are and go find them :happy:

I think that the only way is to will them to come to you or consciously search them out yourself. If I, for instance, wanted to get in touch with my ex (who disappeared several weeks ago) I might play detective in my lucid dream and find out what happened to it. I think that will be quite exciting. For that, of course, I need to have the right amount of dream control, and right now, I am only DJing… interesting thread though!!

Hmmm… haven’t tried just calling out their name yet. We’ll see if it works better for me than trying to will them there. As for asking a DC, I might have a slight problem. About 94% of my DCs dissapear whenever I go lucid :razz:

I have two people in particular that I have to find, and my current drive behind becoming an LDer comes from them. They both come from different dreams that happened a number of years ago and luckily both of them gave me symbols that I could use to call them back. I’ve yet to have more than one LD though, so I have no idea how effective it’s going to be.

Still, you could try a sigil? Create something in waking life that represents your desire to meet them and then try and invoke that in a dream?