finding your dream-theme

I am keeping a dream journal so that I may be able to recognize my dream theme, and in turn use that to achieve lucidity. After so many entries, what should I look for in my dream theme? My dreams feel like they are all different so it’s hard to pick out a common theme. I feel like I’m missing something.

Also, I’ve tried WILD. Twice I have reached the beginnings of the paralysis stage. However, at this stage, both times I freaked out at the feeling of it and jerked myself awake. What can I do to calm down and get past that? Is there a secret to it?

Well as far as dream themes or signs, for me they are recurring things like,
Tsunamis,which happens occasionally.
Ex’s which I’m no longer with so I know I’m dreaming.
And a house I haven’t lived in since I was a kid.
That’s when you do a reality Check, or at least I do.

Keep up with the dream journal and you’ll get it,
the more you write in it the easier it gets.

Yea, just look out for any repetitions you see in your dreams as common as they may be. For instance for some reason indoor balconies have become a dreamsign of mine recently (I have no idea why, I rarely ever see one IWL).

As for the WILD i dunno, because I don’t really try that too often. I always end up putting too much stress on it, so I just stick to a normal nights sleep.

another question about the dream journal… so far my entry for each morning is relatively short because I’ll remember a short ‘scene’ in my dream, sometimes 2 short ‘scenes,’ 3 if i’m lucky.

but anyways, the entries are short. i’m as detailed about them as i can be. so is that ok that they are short?

a lot of times (in my dreams) I am at my grandma’s house in SD, which is at least 400 miles from where I live in RL. But I never think to do a reality check in those dreams.

how can i make it to where i realize i need to do a reality check when i find myself in the situation at my grandma’s house?

All right, so basically you can say that you have a theme now, since you say that a lot of your dreams take place at your grandma’s house right? If that’s true, just say to yourself that you’ll do an RC as soon as you’re at the house when you go to bed, keep reminding yourself of it and keep repeating it, eventually, you’ll visit the house in your dream and remember that you wanted to do an RC when you saw the house, that’s going to be your golden moment :wink:

Good luck!

My dream theme/sign is dead squid, cuttlefish and mutant shrimp

I guess you just began with keeping a DJ a couple of days ago? It’s totally okay if your entries are short as long as you keep trying to make them longer. To write very detailed is the best you can do, also saying some mantra before going to sleep can help you to improve your DR a lot.

Do what iPhone said, moreover you can perform the RC’s whenever you think about your grandma’s house, see a picture of it or anything similar. :smile:

Ok, so I’ve read in a lot of places to lay in bed in the morning and meditate on what you dreamed about to really remember. But for me, I remember a lot more about my dreams after having gotten up and moved around, and thought about other things. Is this odd, or are any of you like that too?

It’s a mix of both for me.

Most of the time it’s better for me not to move too much after waking up, this way I can reconstruct my dreams much better. (Often I have the last scene of the dream in my mind and can remember the dream “backwards”).

But if I don’t remember any dreams or the fragments are slipping away, I sometimes remember them later on when something happens that reminds me of a dream scene.

To look for your dream-theme it is just something that always pops up in your dreams. It may not even stand out. For me it took a while to realise that green is actually a dream-theme for me. In basically every one of the dreams I remember there is some sort of green. It could be simple like that or something major like a place. It all depends on what you see that always pops up.