Finding Your Friends in LDs

Does anyone have a reliable method for finding other people in lucid dreams?

I know expectation can play a big part, but what else do you do in order to find another person?

I’ve always simply shouted out for them, or have gone flying while I shout out for them. It can take quite a while, so much time that much of the LD is spent simply looking for someone.

I haven’t found that simply expecting a person to appear will make them appear, although, again, I’m sure expectation is at play.


Yes expectation is a huge part.

Get creative with it. Like what do you and that person usually do together? Do that.
Simply look for them to pull up in their car. hmm

Does anyone have a method besides just calling out for people or looking for people?

I usually do the looking and calling and would just like to note that it can take some practice. At first it never worked, now it works sometimes for me. And yes, expectation is a huge part.

Anyway, other methods… You can try calling them or texting them and telling them to come over, asking another DC to go get them, or even ask a DC where they are. Oh, just remembered one that I’ve tried before. Stretch your hand behind your back as if you were reaching for them. Move your hand around blindly looking for the other person’s hand. I think this worked for me once, I suddenly felt a hand there and held on as I turned around. You can use expectation in a different way, as in expecting the doorbell to ring at any moment, for example. Of course if you had a big friend summoning machine that would work too, but that seems a bit more complicated :razz:

Lol I tried the extend-hand-backwards method by mattias but i didn’t meet the person I wanted to meet. It was someone else. (I’m not sure if I was lucid there though.)

The method did look promising in a way because, I remember in a lucid dream when I was in darkness I extended my hands forwards being wary of walls and there were indeed walls (didn’t see them because in the dark).

Well I’m not sure if this will work for people, but I use this method for summoning any objects, animals, etc. and it has never failed me. I simply look into the sky and find a dot or blurred shape or tiny cloud, imagine it coming towards me and growing in size (like an airplane that looks tiny from far away but gets bigger as it gets closer) and then imagine the shape I want it to take. By the time it reaches me it has taken shape of the object or animal I want. I guess you could use it for people too, if you don’t find it weird seeing your friends falling out of the sky. :smile:

[color=green]I usually go by instinct. I take flight or take off running until I sense myself drawing near a familiar presence. I often run into friends that way.

Another way was summoning. In an LD I remember doing the hand RC then recalling my bro was saying in RL. He said I should try to summon him and his friend, who I’ve never seen before, into my LD to help complete some tasks. He told me to put my right index and middle finger together, press them into the center of my left palm, close my eyes, and focus on summoning them. When I had opened my eyes they were both standing there before me ready to go. [/color]

Why make simple things very complicated? Like mattias said all you need is practice. If you expect to work it will but it may not happen immediately but with time it will.

The most simple thing in dream is speaking, we all can do it. Creating the believe that you can actually summon a person just by demanding and saying it out loud is another thing. So my logic is that if you can already speak in a dream then use this as a tool. Let’s take a texting for example. You need a sort of the device or any other means to text someone. That’s your first problem and another is really summoning someone. So instead of one problem you have 2.

I’ve always keep things simple when comes to dreams and it’s working for me… You can try that or create techniques for really simple things…

Good luck! :content:

Sure, why complicate it? You’re right. I’m just looking for ideas.

The most simple thing in a dream is not speaking for me! I often can’t speak in my LDs. I don’t know why. It’s much more common (to be mute) if the dream begins from a waking state and with the sensation of exiting from my body. But oftentimes, in DILDs, I have trouble hearing myself when I speak. It’s like I’ve been muffled, or my throat is extremely hoarse and sore.

Well I overlooked your problem, sorry. But I still think that things should be kept simple. What about demands? Did you ever demand something in a dream? That usually works and maybe you don’t need voice for that, you can maybe doit in your mind…

I usually ask other DC’s if they’ve seen said person. They’re not usually of much help but sometimes they are :tongue: Also, if you’re in a car/other method of transportation, ask the driver to take you to their house. That works for me.

An overview of suggestions so far for finding specific others in dreams:

  • Call out (and mentally demand or request) that the person appear

  • Try calling them on the telephone, or texting them

  • Ask a DC to go get them, or how to locate them

  • Stretch your hand behind your back as if you were reaching out for them–hopefully you will feel them grasp your hand

  • Look into the sky for a blur or dot and imagine it coming toward you, morphing into the shape of the object or person you desire

All of these are extraordinarily simple and I can’t wait to try them in my next LD.

Also, I remembered reading somewhere that Ed Kellogg, while LD-ing, sometimes slashes the air with his hand, with the intent to create a portal so that he can either go where he wants to go, or find who he wants to find.