fireball and ice adventure...any tips on going to space?

hey dreamers i just wanted to share an experience with everyone one this morning in my LD while i was flying i was shooting fireballs from my hands have any of you tried this its soo awesome i was only able to make small ones but i wanna practice a little more tonight any tips on why i could only make small ones maybe i need more concentration stronger lucidity ?? idk i also tried shooting streams of ice to freeze things i had frozen a car that was parked on a street. sorry for this post being long i was just really excided about that LD i havent had one in a while and it was amazing tongith i wanna look at the dream sky i didnt look up and get a good look at it i was thinking about going to space but im wondering if all the darkness and lack of detail will eat away at my lucidity i feel like i should stay in bright areas with a lot of visual information has any one been successful going to space and keeping lucidity should i visit a specific planet instead of wondering in the darkness

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Anyway, yeah.I don’t see why you couldn’t go to space.Many lucid dreamers did it.Try to visit some nearby planets if you want.If I ever go to space in my dreams, I will go beyond the solar system.I will explore some of my favorite stars and galaxies.And you won’t loose lucidity up there if you do RCs or whatever increases lucidity.

hey welcome back lucid_guy, you haven’t posted for a while :wave:
You know what they say, practice makes perfect. Just enjoy practicing in your dream, it would probably help if you could visualise and imagine what it would be like just before going to sleep.

Well space needn’t be dark, there are stars/suns, galaxies. The lack of sensation would need to be worked on. You would have to feel the spacesuit or clothes next to your body, the temperature. Just something to ground you in the dream.

Not necessarily.
Dreams are much different Than real life.Flying with your own body to space without a spacesuit is possible in dreams for sure.I might try it in my next dream, just to prove it.

And btw, what you said: ‘‘Well space needn’t be dark, there are stars/suns, galaxies.’’ …
By space, he refers to the local space(the solar system), not the whole universe.So, the are no galaxies or stars nearby(except the sun of course).When you go out to space, it is pretty dark.Well, it’s a dream, so that doesn’t have to be the case.

And of course, you can always choose to fly with a spaceship.

i tried to shoot lightning one time but it didnt work

ive practiced with my spells on evil characters in my dreams.
ive used
lighning strikes
giant fireballs
breathing fire
creating weapons
summoning creatures
and alot more…
i use weapons as things that create these spells, like staffs, swords and such, ive even used guns before.
i guess you could say its a type of dependancy, but if you can create weapons, you can create spells.
use this, and see how it works, ive practiced spells whenever i have lucid dreams, becouse i love spells :grin:
so, use weapons of your own design (i find drawing weapons in RL, memorizing them, and imagining them in LD’s works great) and “embed” spells in them, so you can use them whenever they want :grin: