First abnormal experience while dreaming

Hi Im new here. I have been practicing RC for a few weeks and today I had the first unusual experience. I was sick and tired so I took a nap at about 3pm, I normally dont sleep at that time. This was the dream: I was walking up a wooden staircase with my 7 yo niece. (I could still feel my real body and the surrounding, I knew my mouth was dry and my nose was stuffed and I constantly told myself to get up to turn on the central heat while I was still dreaming). as we stopped at a door, I suddenly realized that I was dreaming, I attempted RC (actually just only checked my hands but didnt really pay attention), then as soon as I tried to control my body in the dream by trying to open door, I felt pulled back and I had a SP. However I was already aware of the surrounding and that I was just having a SP, it ended in only a few minutes .
I’d realized I was dreaming before RC and attempted RC consciously which is different as what I have read. So was I really lucid or was it something else and has anyone experienced something similar? if it wasnt then again am I getting there?

If you really did realize it, then you became lucid. Funny thing, I too became lucid spontaneously when I suddenly teleported to a door during a dream. The fact that you tried to RC after thinking you are dreaming is further proof that your mind was on the right tracks. You can become lucid without performing a RC and it’s actually really common. However, I’ve had a few non-lucid dreams where I was sure I was dreaming and did several RCs without becoming lucid. I’m unsure what that was about. Maybe I’ll never know. Anyway, I believe you had a lucid dream. Congrats!

Definitely sounds like a lucid dream.

As for knowing you are dreaming without needing to RC, or RCing after to confirm it, this is quite common. It shows you have good awareness and are questioning your surroundings or situation. Congratulations!