First attempt, please help

I am completely new to this and very interested about the whole thing. I just tried the WILD method to see if anything would happen, I felt like I was unable to move but suddenly became pretty hot and my heart began to beat faster. I wasn’t really scared and I wasn’t really excited. I could feel my eyelids flickering and it felt like I wasn’t looking through my eyes but through my head. I saw strange black and white moving shadows. My heart was beating real fast so I forced myself to get up and i calmed down completely. Anyone had a similar experience or any help to why this happened? thanks

Welcome Nootuponthereoof :wave: What you experienced is called Sleep Paralysis(and its not really abnormal to freak out the first time you have it)
having the impression of looking trough my closed eyes happens to me too sometimes (not exactly what you describe here but close i think )
greets , Sakoda
PS , how about trying MILD ?
are you dreaming right now ? :content:

Hi, pretty sure I’m not dreaming now lol. Was pretty strange but glad you can shed some light on it, thanks. I’m only in the past 24 hours learned about this whole thing so I’ll have to have a proper read through all these techniques and things and try again soon. Thanks :smile:

I’m always glad to help (as long as you don’t trow trouts at me at least :content: )
well i wish you mush success on your path to lucidity
greets, Sakoda, Forums harlequin
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