First awareness with fear...

Hello to all :smile: (New)

I had my first “aware” dream experience in an unusual way Saturday morning - think everyone says ‘unusual’ when it’s their first time. Anyway having said something the night before along the lines of “I will realise my consciousness in a dream state”, I drifted off whilst cutting off any wandering thoughts that lead to normal dreaming. I woke up in the morning early and headed to the toilet as I was bursting then went straight back to bed after. Now remembering back I believe I had a FA of some sort but woke up suddenly to spend a good 20 minutes getting back to sleep.Then sometime after 20 minutes or more I went to sleep. And shortly after that an image appeared. I was looking at my office chair on my bed and went to focus briefly and it kinda blanked out but then in that same instant I felt a great surge connected with being pulled downward to the left, that’s where I got really apprehensive and very briefly I was in a hall in very low light and willed myself to wake up as I got a bad vibe about it :sad:
LOL wimped out I suppose. Vents!

I just recently started a Journal aswell,logging dreams and having a good acceptable level of dream recall.

Would you take the above as the start of a lucid dream? Also I’ve tried WILD a few times before and got numbess, but had to dream something as HI didn’t start but it probably works through being relaxed and clear of everything? If that surge is the pathway to Lucid Dreaming, though there should be many paths for everybody, then i’ll take that. Has anybody had similar surges or rushing on the point of awareness, like a kitchen tap on full blast that lead to LDs?

Peace Out.

WILD can come with weird sensations. It seems you entered a dream or at the very least a hypnogogic state. Hard to tell since it wasn’t my experience.
You were on the right path at least.

Are you sure it wasn’t sleep paralysis? Fear is often accompanied by this, and you said you wear lying on your bed at one point, and saw something.

Hi ImmortalxMurder & krakatoa

It could of been sleep paralysis as i’ve never experienced it whilst conscious but know its a safety mechanism during sleep. But the instance I woke up out of it I could move freely although I felt that typical numb feeling if you’ve ever tried WILD. Also it takes a little time to wriggle out of SP whilst awake doesn’t it? Do you think it was a an OBE or similar or just an insane FA?

From your description I’d say you were just experiencing the process of WILD. All the perceptions are HH, and not very unusual ones. I have felt strange movement when trying ot WILD. Including spinning and speeding through a tunnel.
Sleep paralysis doesn’t need to persist for a longer time, naturally it wears of when you wake up pretty quickly, without you even noticing, for example when the alarm rings you can move pretty quickly. I know I shoot up in a second or two.

I had a proper lucid dream last night, it wasn’t that exciting because it took place inside a building but I had time enough to look around, like corners and such and to test some lucid theories from experienced users on this site. It started out exactly as before,I woke up early and decided to go for a WILD as I hadn’t practised during the week, and luckily found myself to be very tired. And so you go through the motions, breathe in, hold, tense muscles, relax, don’t relay thought to much and so you come to a point of being in a ‘zone’ and you have a complete image, mine was a picture on a closet door that I focused on and then I had again that rushing, pulling sensation and this time I didn’t cop out I simply went with it and ended up in a building that I could roam around in. But it didn’t last for too long, you sort of ‘get’ when its gonna end and so I rubbed my hands together - thanks to the person who thought that up - and I retained the state a little longer but then things went a little weird. I woke up and and decided to go tell my dad, I went into his room and said something like ‘I just had a lucid dream’ but then I was greeted with aggression and remember looking into a mirror and seeing lots of blood and thats when I woke up. It was weird because that would never happen in real life, and I got a FA just after being lucid. Also just after I was staring semi awake with my eyes closed at some really weird symbols - if you’ve ever played Prey you’ll know. Sort of like a Lucid debug screen.
Thanks krakatoa :smile: as I take the last bit being merely a form of HH.
Peace out.

I’m not sure what I said to deserve thanks but you’re welcome. And congratulations on your successful WILD. May you have many more.

I said thanks because you provided some useful information, info that could help me understand the wild technique a bit better and help deal with the more darker states the wild tech can induce. I’m really new to this so all the info like HH can help, the whole reason i delved into LD was to mainly relieve some depression over a relative who;s just passed on. Although that shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

Also I just re-read my lucid post earlier and found it to be extremely annoying!!

Anyway peace out :smile: