First Controlled Lucid Dream--Questions and Reflection

Hey everyone!

I’m brand new to this forum after a lucid dream experience I had last night/this morning. I’m still a pretty novice lucid dreamer, and this was the first time I had a lucid dream in which I exercised any sort of control. Thought I’d share my experience and seek some guidance on a few things I hope to tackle in future LDs. Thanks in advance!

First Person Vs. Third Person: In almost all of my lucid dreams, I start out in my bed–from what I’ve read this doesn’t seem uncommon. In the past I have never been able to control anything, despite being lucid, and the dreams would be very brief, but obviously last night was different.

I found my bedroom door, which led outside. I immediately (accidentally) made it night time, which threw me off from the start. At this point I was in the first person, viewing the world from my own eyes. Then all of a sudden–I can’t say when exactly it happened or what triggered it–I was watching myself from above in the third-person.

It was literally like I was playing a video game. I could control my character, and when I wanted do/change something, the option even showed up in the bottom of my view (oddly, I don’t even play video games much). I was unable to control the actions of other characters in the dream, though I could make new characters appear. I ran around for a few minutes chasing some of the other characters to try to talk to them, and awoke pretty unexpectedly–nothing triggered it.

Questions: Any tips on how to transition back into the first-person? Thoughts on why I might have entered the third-person at all?

Interesting degrees of control: Wasn’t sure how best to phrase this, but by degrees of control I mean that able to change the dream and the landscape, but almost too easily. I didn’t have conscious control to differentiate ideas or thoughts from active changes.

I found myself changing things unexpectedly and inadvertently. For example, when I changed it from day to night unintentionally–I didn’t even consciously decide I wanted it to be night time. I found lots of things changing as soon as the hypothetical thought entered my head (what if there was a cliff there? Crap, I didn’t actually want a cliff there).

Question: Any tips on thinking without affecting the current dream landscape? I’d like to spend more time exploring and less time reacting to changes.

TL;DR: Any tips on 1) transitioning from third-person back to first-person point of view in a LD, and 2) thinking without altering the dream?

Thanks for your time!

Wow :happy: Well first of all, congrats on the lucid dreams.

If it looks like a game from your point of view and “when I wanted do/change something, the option even showed up in the bottom of my view”, then just open the menu, go to the options and change the game mode from 3rd person to 1st person. I dream about games all the time and if I have some issue with graphics etc, there’s always something in the menu and settings that can help me. Don’t worry about the menu not existing, it’s there.

As for your other question, that’s a really odd problem. Usually people struggle with changing the dream in lucid dreams. This flow in uninterrupted in non-lucid dreams. Your thoughts and schemata create the dream. It’s like a liquid. In non-lucids everything you think makes ripples in the liquid. What you expect to see has a higher chance of appearing.

Meditation helps you control your thoughts. Dream Yoga and Mindfulness are some things you might want to look into, if you haven’t yet.

Thanks for the response and I appreciate the insight–I never would have thought to try opening a menu and actually change the settings of the dream! Really interesting that you dream in video games frequently. I never experienced that before even in a normal dream. It was a cool perspective, but I felt removed from the emotions and feelings of the dream when experiencing it from that POV.

I’ll definitely look into some of those meditation concepts. I’m sure some of my control issues may have just been due to excitement.

Thanks again!

Seeing the dream from a third person point of view is quite common.

I’ve also experienced my thoughts changing the dream without me explicitly willing the change. For example, if I suddenly think “what if this turns into a vampire movie?” then the dream can turn in that direction even if I’m consciously trying to change the dream in a different direction.

Letaali solution is definitely easy and elegant

However, one of the most interesting and funny things in LD is creative problem solving
And it’s true and unlimited creativity you experience there, without physical constraints and the potentially unlimited powers you possess in your own dream world

So my suggestion is: in your next LD, if there is something you want to change, focus to think freely on how to do it !
Few more solutions to the 1st person view, that come to my mind from previous experiences:

  • make a backward roll that puts you inside your body
  • 1st person button on bottom right of the screen
  • enter a car/vehicle, knowing that I will see through my eyes as soon as I do
  • put on your first person sunglasses / VR headset
  • stand still, moving the 3rd p view closer and closer to your head until your head fades and view transitions to 1st person
    Again, these are just a few solutions that come to my mind while awake (at least I think so :tongue: ), but during LD my mind works in a much more free mode, enabling genial solutions ! :cool:

As for unleashing your dream powers, they are there already, you just need to convince yourself :cool:
My suggestions:
Start with easier changes to the world, focusing solely on what you want to achieve, e.g. make a tree appear at a certain spot; an easy way is to look away, knowing that when you look back at that spot, the tree is going to be there, and it will happen
Use increasingly complex powers
Invent machinery that helps you perform a certain action you have previously found difficult, or use a potion, etc.
Ask suggestion to a “Master” DC of that subject (e.g. a powerful mage, a scientist, a superhero…)
You WILL find your way on how to make a certain power work
With time and accumulating successful experiences, the dream powers you can easily control will keep growing and growing :wink: