First experience of a not so lucid dream

ok over the past few weeks i have been really intersted in lucid dreaming, so last night i went to sleep normally and I dreamed that i went to sleep and had a dream that was lucid. its like the mind couldn’t create the lucid dream happen so instead created a scenario of me falling asleep and having a lucid dream.

hmm it was pretty strange, i remember i got really excited that it was a lucid dream but then i realized i am dreaming inside of my original dream the i can’t remember what happened next…

just thought i’d share it.

That still sounds like a LD to me…

You say you realised that you were dreaming - so you were lucid :wink:. And not only that, but you realised that you were in a MD.

But that you can’t remember what happened next implies that you either lost lucidity, or it was a veryn low level LD.

good point :smile: , i hope it happens again so i am more aware of it this time. It think this one caught me by surprise as i had no idea what to do and before i realized what was happeneing i lost it.