first experience with WILD

I just had my first semi-success with the WBTB WILD tech.

I was awakened by my alarm and decided to go back to sleep. I began about thinking of the dream i was just in trying to get back, I know this is a different tech but i thought i would have had more success with MILD to start off. Before long i began to notice a sort of greenish images that reminded me of a CT scan of a brain :eh:

So i began to focus on keeping the images from fading and soon i started to feel the tingling and vibrations until the sensations became strong enough to where i believed i had entered SP.

I decided to roll. The only thing was I couldnt, I was able to do some kind of half roll but could not get my body all the way over.

I ended up trying to reach with my dream arm to help me with the rolling but i woke up around this time. So I think that i was trying to roll to hard either that or i got a little too excited.

Either way, it gives me some hope for future tries. And also I heard SP can be pretty uncomfortable but i didnt mind it at all.

So yeah i just felt like sharing that, any advice/comments are welcome. :smile:

Next time try not moving. Just keep relaxing and keep watching. You will know for a fact when you are asleep, it comes over you and there is no doubt.
Some people from what point walk into their HI, other people roll out of their bodies. I personaly just get up.
Goodluck ^^;

Interesting… you know I have no clue what SP might feel like, i’m going to look that up right now!

Oh well, at least Kit can WILD fully-successfully, it seems…