First Induced LD experience

Yay! I had my first induced LD experience last night. I’ve been sort of following the Infinity “programme” (some of its not conducive to a “married with kids” lifestyle) and I’ve had a result. I’ve been trying the staring at your hands mantra thingy along with shedloads of nose pinch RCs and MILD. The mantra that seemed to work (along with the RCs) was “the next time I dream I WILL do a RC” I cant see the hands thing working for me when my RC is a nose pinch so I might try dropping it. Also I can only do it if I go to bed before my wife as she will think I have finally lost the plot!

Anyhow, I was dreaming about walking around a school or college building and as I walked through a set of double doors I remember thinking “better do a RC” and hey presto I could breathe. It wasnt like the feeling I get with a natural LD, everything was a bit “vague” feeling and I quickly woke up… at least I thought I had. I’m pretty sure I had a FA but I remember being so sure I’d woken up I didnt do another RC which I normally do every time I wake up. Doh!

But hey its a start! I’m pretty pleased with how its going and as many people advise I’m sure my dreams are more vivid and I recall more of them (typically 3 a night) since starting a DJ.

Hopefully more to follow…

Sounds like a good start, Mind. When you first start dream related things, it’s good to have some kind of schedule and it seems like Infinity definitely helps with that. Personally I’ve found that if I don’t have a schedule/goal when doing anything I tend to slack and my discipline starts to slip.

Keep up with the dream journal and induction techniques and you’ll get more control over your lucid dreams and stay in them longer. Good luck, mate. :smile: