First intentional LD!

So, I’ve been interested in lucidity and dreaming in general since Wednesday (today’s Saturday). I just joined this site after experiencing my first intentional lucid dream last night. A long time ago, I had one or two LDs, but I didn’t know what they were and didn’t really care. I didn’t have much control back then.

In my dream, I was walking through a Greek temple. I turned a corner and saw a little old man standing there. I’ve seen him in a non-lucid dream before. I knew he was about to say something to me, and that when he said it, I would become lucid. He said whatever it was (wish I could remember it :sad:) and I instantly realized this was a dream. I was overjoyed, but I tried not to get too excited. I don’t want the dream to fade, I reminded myself, and just like that, my vision began to go gray. I stumbled out of the temple and tried spinning. The dream didn’t dissolve, but I was still surrounded by a flat gray. So I made an apple appear in my hand and I scrutinized it closely. The hand that held the apple was ghostly and pale, but the apple itself was quite vivid–similar to a digital painting I started a few weeks ago. I focused intensely on it until the dream faded away.

What’s interesting about that LD was that I didn’t use any special techniques when I was going to sleep (except willpower). I’ve been doing RCs during the day, but I didn’t need to do one in the dream. I just knew when the man said his sentence that this was a dream. I didn’t even need to think about it.

I can’t wait for the next one! I hope my dream recall improves before then, though. I’m keeping a dream journal, which does help.

thats called a spontaneous LD that you just randomly realize your dreaming

I had heard about those. The thing that really struck me as peculiar was the fact that I knew I was going to become lucid before it actually happened. That doesn’t really make sense–it seems like if I knew I was going to become lucid, I’d already be lucid, since I must have known it was a dream. But I just…didn’t. Too weird. But cool!

Wow, yeah that is really weird. I’ve randomly gone lucid before but I’ve never known I was going to before I actually did. Maybe you thought about going lucid and it just didn’t click. Like when crazy things happen in your dream and you don’t think anything of it. Our regular dream selves aren’t that smart. :smile:

Thats the way my first LD was like, I just knew it was a dream, I still did a RC but it was unnessasary there was just too much going on for it not to be. The LDs I had before my first fully one, were also like that, the only way to explain what was going on was that it had to be a dream, and the second one, I dont know I just did an RC out of no were, I guess the RCs I did in the day pulled that one off for me.