First LD after 2nd try!!!

I’m totally new to lucid dreams and I’m really interested in them. I only found out about them two days ago, and the night that I found out was my first lame attempt at trying, but lastnight I used the MILD method and my mind crept away into a dream and I was aware of it.
When I was in it I felt like if I try too hard to stay lucid then I will wake up, so I let the lucidity slip away from me because I forgot to spin or rub my hands together (if those methods actually work), and I remember the rest of the dream but I thought it was reality. When I woke up I could hardly believe that I actually had an LD because it was only my second attempt and I don’t even have a dream journal yet and can rarely remember my dreams, but then I started to remember my thoughts at the time of the LD so I know I was. I was wondering if its a possibility if I wanted to have an LD so bad that I convinced myself that I did, but I really didn’t. Has that ever happened?

I’m really looking forward to having more LDs.
Thanks to this awesome community, -Jesse :cool:

i don’t know if that’s ever happened, if you just thought you did when you didn’t. but if you have an LD, trust me, you’ll know you had one.

well, congrats on your first LD, hope for you there are many more to come. just stay commited and you will definately keep having 'em. welcome to the world of lucid dreams by the way :content: .

hi Jesse! Welcome to the ld4all forum :content:

I have to tell u that thats what happened to me too! I was introduced to LDing in january and i started reading the forum and learning. It was only couple months later(in june to be exact) that i really tried 2 have a LD. Then VOILA!! i had one. I then said to myself…“if only i would of done thins couple of months ago…”–> really trying to have a LD. ]

Well anyways…u have gotten off to an amazing start let me tell u! Keep doing what u did and u will be very successful^^
Good luck in your dreaming journey ^