First LD! But not sure why

Hey all!

So last night I had my first LD since I’m training the art of lucid dreaming.
Of course, it was awesome, but I had some questions about it. Hope you could help.

Let me first quickly describe my dream.
At one point everything became so vivid, and I realized I was dreaming. I was actually saying “I am dreaming!”. I started walking and looking around. I also almost lost my lucidity, the noise was gone and it became blurry, but then I started rubbing my hands (thanks for the tip!). I tried to fly, but it didn’t really work. To test my lucidity, I was doing some random things like doing a jump and kicking my feet together. I also remember thinking ‘wow, how long am I LD’ing? Must be at least 10 minutes now right?’, but now I really have no idea how long it was. There were many characters in my dream, a lot of which I recognized but also some people I didn’t knew. At one point I was in a house or something. I was starting to get intimate with a girl in my dream, but at that point my f*ing alarm clock went off. :sad:

So here are my questions:

  1. I don’t remember anything before I became lucid, is this normal? So at one point in the night, I just became lucid! The first thing I remember was talking with someone and me realizing I was lucid.

  2. I don’t remember everything of my lucid dream, de fuck? When I woke up, I was all excited because I realized I was LD’ing. I turned off my alarm clock and starting to write in my dream journal on my phone. But somewhere in the middle of my dream I don’t really remember what I was doing. Like a little black spot in my memory. Could this be I lost my lucidity at a moment?

  3. Does the time when you go to sleep have an influence in the likelyhood of getting LD? Because It was 06:00 AM when I went to sleep (I had a party that night), so it was pretty late. I was really tired but I wasn’t thinking about LD’ing at all.

  4. How did I became lucid? The funny thing is, that night I wasn’t actively trying to get lucid. I thought maybe I did a RC in my dream or something, but I don’t remember doing it. Any tips of how I could repeat this? Before this experience I had little success with other techniques.

Thanks in advance and thanks for reading!


  1. It’s just the quirks of dreaming, sometimes you remember stuff, sometimes you don’t.

  2. Again, even if you have a lucid dream, it does not guarantee a full recall. You should improve your dream recall by keeping a consistent dream journal.

  3. Time can have an influence, I think. Also, if you consumed alcohol, then it can affect the rem and n-rem cycles.

  4. Sounds to me you had a simple DILD

I had the same question, in my first LD i just got lucid and i didn’t know why.
I asked on the forum and turns out that it’s because i do RC’s during the day and i told myself that i will LD before sleep but I didn’t use MILD or anything.
About not remembering the beggining, i happened to me in my last LD and i was kind of pissed because its better to know how you got lucid but anyway it was cool.
So LD’s can happen randomly and that is good but you have to let the LD’s thoughts sink into your mind in order to remember better next time.

Congratulation by the way :smile: