First LD experiences?

Hello. In the last two weeks I haven’t been able to use my connection, plus I haven’t had much to do at school, and being somewhat tired I tried to actually have an LD. I have had several experiences and I wanted to ask you about what they might actually be. I’m currently experimenting with WILD, altough I still do try to remember to do reality checks.

1)I went to sleep at about 4-5 PM and then awakened at 0:30 (I suppose this counts as WBTB)AM. I ate some pizza, re-reread some lucid dreaming text things had I printed(I use to keep them on the bedside table when I sleep…I suppose it’s a big help) then went to sleep. I was pretty nervous, but then I tried seriously doing WILD…Strangely, something I don’t usually do, I was trying to sleep with my face UP, towards the ceiling(I usually sleep in a 'fetal’position). Fact is, at a certain point I began to feel 'eletric jolts’and it was like i was paralyzed but conscious…I am 99% sure it was some kind of sleep paralysis! I found this neither scary nor exciting, but an 'interesting’thing. Problem Is I got a little nervous at a certain point(probably it’s the thing about feeling ‘presences’)and I moved a little so I either awakened or fell in a non-lucid dream(can’t remember).
By the way, after this I read that If you WANT to enter sleep paralysis it’s best to sleep in this way(face towards the ceiling). Can you confirm this?

2)Another night I remember awakening, doing the nose reality check and getting dream-results, so it was a false awakening. But I think I was actually lucid for some seconds.

I’m also trying to get sleep paralysis again, but the most I can get without WBTB is VERY weak jolts and a little noise in my head. Anyway I think I’m making progress.

What you probably have read is that the sleep disorder called “sleep paralysis” most often happens when you sleep on your back.
But the paralysis you experience every night when in REM sleep happens of course in any sleep position.
On the other hand, during relaxation, it’s only when you are on the back that your body can totally relax. And that is what you want when you practise WILD.
So it’s very difficult to answer to your question, but I suppose that most of the WILD’ers adopt this position when they try to enter a LD.