FIRST LD!!!!! (Half control one)

Finally a dream i can remember!!! And guess what? AN LD ONE!!! :colgate: grin3

I first woke up 6.00 (Tried to do WBTB). Alarm clock was on another side of room but i still just shutted it down. Couldn’t get up. The + side is that i tend to dream better (or remember better) if i wake up EVEN for few seconds in the night. Well then the dream started [Its very fuzzy, i cant remember a lot]. I remember something happened before this but i remember clearly that me and my cousin were in a forest at winter (Finnish pine forest) and we were walking some road to some opening. We were for some reason looking for Ogre poo :tongue: and there even was some in the opening. [The opening was kind of swamp like, the watery area separated it from the middle]. My cousin said then that there should be lot more in the other side and when i looked there, i saw ogres there rumbling around and eating something. “Well, there obviously is some in there as ogres are eating there at this moment!!” I said. My cousin still wanted to go there :eh:.

At the next second i saw that one of the ogres had spotted us and was “talking” to others and waving his hand at us. Soon they lost interest on eating and were starting to come here. We paniced and started running away on the road. Now for some reason my legs hurted when i tried to run and i started tripping (this tends to happen in dreams when you are really busy O_o). I realised that i couldn’t get away so i climbed up to the forest.(It was like that road was in middle ground, and next to it was small field, and on the other side of the road was the thick forest, little bit higher than the road)

I hid behind/under trees and waited for the ogres to go by the road. I thought that they would smell me and that i would be doomed (So it was lil bit like nightmare) and then i started thinking: “Hmm…This can’t be happening so maybe it isn’t! Aha! I’m dreaming!!” That is common for me, my every nightmare ends like that. (Ive not had a nightmare since i heard about lucid dreams) I would have woken up if i wouldn’t have remembered that i could control my dreams so at the next second, i was in front of some arcade with my cousin :content:.
For some reason i just wanted to play the games(I later was angry to myself cause i didnt go flying :sad: ). They were of course all for free. We started playing some rally game on two players but the game was weird, i had to use some weird big pedals and walk on them to make my car move as my cousin used a normal one. Soon after that i woke up (dream slipped away) but i didnt open my eyes and i was in dream again in 20 seconds but i lost that dream soon as it was really fuzzy even at the start.

Thats about it. MY FIRST LD!!!

Congrats. How long have you been trying?

about 2 months i think.