First LD

Yesterday i had my first LD. (Of course…sigh) I got too excited and I woke up… i think. I’m not really sure, it kind of felt like i was in between sleep and being awake. It felt like i was in control of my dream, but also as if i was only thinking about the dream and imagining that i was still dreaming. Then i decided to wake up and open my eyes, because it felt more like i was awake. Now i’m not sure if I was so much in control of my dream that it felt like i was awake or i really was awake. What do you guys think?

Congrats! :happy:

I know what you mean. I’ve had these kind of strange LDs too. I think you were definitely dreaming, but perhaps the dream occured close to the waking level. Kinda like during a very light sleep with lots of hypnagogic imagery.
Also, the lighter the dream, the more signals you can pick up from waking life. This might explain why it felt as if you were imagining the dream behind your closed eyelids while awake.

thanks :smile:

OH yeah, i just had my second LD last night (yeah) anyway it felt like i could feel what my real life body felt like, and could hear what was going on IRL, but also feel my dream body and what it was feeling.

it was really weird.

oh and congrats!!

Ow yeahhh! Congratulations!!!

We are in baby steeps! :wink: