First LD!

I had a dream earlier and woke up I did a RC and went back to sleep. But a new dream came on. It was an Age Of The Empires 2 spoof. I was loosing when I crossed the battleline. A skull in a robe came at me to harm me. I thought pft he cant do shit I’m dreaming. I didnt even think the words just came out. Then my mind thought fly. But before I could even get the words out I started to go up. Everything then got clearer. But I got to excited and then started spinning ( I couldnt control it) After that things got blurry and I saw my couch and woke up.

Congrats! :thumbs:

May you have many more! :cool:

I love aoe. hahahah. Awesome, I still havent ld’d but i’m pretty close! I can feel it. Maybe even tonight I’ll have one. :o

Congratulations Tmofdisaster!