First LD

So, i have tried to get LD’s for a week now and bang, this night i got one. I actually tried to WILD before sleep, but as always i pass out and start dreaming, wake up, try again and so it goes till i just fall asleep.

But today after failing at WILD again, i thought about trying MILD, and so i did. And i had a dream - i was running from something, it was quite horrible actually - on some field. But as i looked into the sky i saw the moon, it was not round, but square shaped ( I actually look at sky every night and observe the stars and moon, just because it’s so beatiful. ), so i was like - wait… what ? And then i though how about a RC and bang, my hands were like dithering and i couldn’t see them right. So i overflowed with joy as i realized im in my dream. I desperately tried to do things in my own way, but i just couldn’t, for example i tried to go in another direction ( on a road in my dream ), but i just went sooo slowly and when i actually got to it i woke up. I hope it’s normal for the first time.

Anyways i wanted to thank you all for your guides and tips which helped me to get my first LD.

Congrats on your LD!

Same here! :grin:

For first LD it’s normal to not have high control over things, but don’t worry… You achieved the first step and from now on the things will only get better. Oh and it’s good to have a lucid goal, brings motivation and once when you are lucid it’s easier to focus on what to do!

Good luck!




Congrats Acime! :content: . I also enjoy observing the sky for stars and seeing the moon! I actually ate some stars in an LD once lol, tasted like sugar crystals. Anyways, I hope to see many more LDs!


That’s brilliant. Congrats on your first LD of many. X