First LD

I tried ada and wbtb with MILD. It technically wasn’t my first one but it lasted like more than just a few seconds. I was in my house and I just like became lucid the moment I entered the dream. I saw some weird old creepy Guy in my house and I ran out but he followed me and tried to take me so I just like fell back and woke up. Also it was fuzzy at first but I told it to increase clarity and it was super vivid.

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Congratulations on your success!
That sounds like a solid cocktail of techniques to get some LDs. Glad it paid off. I hope you can continue to experience more lucid dreams soon. What are your plans for future LDs?

Well really my main goal was to return to this one elemental kingdoms dream. It was the best dream I ever had. And tbh just the experience. Also successfully do a WILD