First LD's and with WILD

first LD yet, actually 2 of them back to back. I tried this a few months ago for about a month, and gave up, and just started again about 3 days ago.

Last night I went to sleep at about 3:30 am. I listened to a relax cd and laid on my back. after about 45 minutes of just drifting off, and feeling SP and getting all the WILD sensations. I took the head phones off and laid on my right side. Next thing I know I feel my body get pulled into the dream world, (It’s my first LD since I was about 5 years old) I wake up in my room knowing I am dreaming. it was kind of scary cause I did’nt know what to expect so I stumble down the stairs. I feel like I can’t walk straight. I think the reason for that is cause I just felt myself in SP right before I ended up here.

So anyways, I get to my front door, and the door knob is going crazy like someone is trying to come in to the house. I’m kind of worried (Scared) that this could turn into a nightmare, but I said screw it, it’s my first LD make it work biatch. so I opened the door and I notice it’s raining outside and there is a green pick up driving by, when I start to debate what to do next, I wake up.

I barely woke up, and did a wild again, this time as soon as I felt I got pulled in to my dream I look at my hands and at my room, but everything looks the same. At first I thought I just woke up, but then I felt someone in the room then the room changed a little bit. I knew I was dreaming so i decied to look at the alarm clock. funny thing is I looked at my real alarm clock with my real eyes. it said 4:39am, close my eyes and Im still in this jacked up room, and I am laying down on a couch. Then I woke up. and it was 4:40am.

This is my first LD as an adult, and I did it with a WILD, and at the beggining of my sleep not after WBTB method. It probably would have lasted longer then. Just wanted to let you all know this! :cool_laugh:

Congrats, it took me a long time to get an LD with WILD and I haven’t been able to do it since.

so a big congratulations and I hope you have more LD s with WILD :smile:


I hope so too. I think it drained all I had though. I havent even been able to recall my dreams since then. Thats alright though it was my first LD and I enjoyed it. I’m trying different things right now. I’ll Let people know how it goes.