First lucid dream after a year of training!

OMG guys so I had my FIRST lucid dream last night.
It went like this:
I was out in the street in front of my house, I threw a paper plate back and the person with me told me that I needed it, so I turned around and it was gone. I then did a RC and was surprised. I got a sudden burst of joy but I knew that I might lose it so I chilled. Then I floated and then I was in my room. All this time it was like my left eye was stuck since it wouldn’t open. I remembered I was in control and I forced it to open and it did. I then flew to my siblings’ room and flew around the room. I then went to the gate of my house and there were some beggars and they forcefully entered my house. So I flew back into my house and that’s the last thing I remembered.

I like lost my lucidity because I focused on flying. Any tips guys? Thanks!!

Congradulations on you’re breakthru!

Possible you lost lucidity because it was your first time and there will be learning curves. Maybe it was near end of rem cycle and your mind-body demanded the dream end.

Going forward you will find you’re prefered rc. Next time you become lucid you might want to rc often. To ground myself in lucidity ill hand check every half minute for the first few minutes or continue with yet another hand check when I move from one location in the dream to the next. This will reinforce and hold lucidity constant. I’ve read that if you are aware of lossing lucidity or the dream fades to force awareness on the dream body by perhaps slapping the chest or spinning.

Let me back track, one thing I read is that once you initially become lucid you should focus and feel the dream body, this will reinforce lucidity.

Another tip to keep in mind -this no time to get cocky. Now is the time to keep up with daily iwl practice. Keep the momentum up and take the motivation to the next level.

I had my first ld in a while myself this morning but it instantly faded. It was at the 8hr mark and my body was protesting to wake up. Progress none the less.

You’re first full blown ld. Crazy right?
Next time your indoors try walking thru the wall. Then walk up the wall. To name 2.

Thanks for the advice! I’ll be sure to apply this the next time I have an LD. :smile:

How did it go? Did you get any more lucid dreams? :cool: