First lucid dream this morning

edit: I hope this is in the right section.

At least…I think. I started doing the clock check some weeks back and it seems this morning it finally paid off. I was just going along in a normal dream in which I was walking in someone’s house. They had a computer so I subconsciously looked at the time, looked back, and it was 2 minutes backwards. Back again, 5 minutes ahead. All of a sudden some weird lights and illusions appeared then disappeared and I felt awake in the dream. First thing I thought of was, oh my god is this a lucid dream?! Right away I tried to fly but it wouldn’t work. Eventually, I got myself to levitate but that was all I could do. Next thing I can remember, I was still in the same dream, but couldn’t control anything. Then I had another dream in an entirely different place, and was woken up by a phone ringing.
What do you guys think, typical of the first lucid experience?

I’d say the typical first LD experience goes something along the lines of:

  1. Becoming lucid for whatever reason.
  2. Getting really excited.
  3. Waking up almost immediately afterwards.

The majority of first LD experiences I’ve read went something like that. They become so excited that they wake up very soon afterwards. It certainly was that way for me! It wasn’t until my 6th LD that I managed to stay in there for more than a few seconds. That 6th one lasted like 10 minutes and to this day is still one of the best dreams I’ve ever had. I consider that my “first” lucid dream for all intents and purposes. I don’t even remember the other five.

Yeah, it’s a pretty good lucid dream. My first one lasted just for a few seconds :razz:. It seems, that you could actually try out some pretty nice stuff like levitating.
And don’t worry about control, it will come with experience. I would advice you to read this thread - [Dream Control Training Course)
It will certainly help you in your future LD’s.