First lucid dream, woke straight back up

Finally, after all this time, I managed to become lucid in my dream, however, it excited me so much, I woke up immediately. It went like this:

I went to the hospital by bike to see my girlfriend and noticed there was some event at the seashore.
We were living in a town at the sea in my dream, so I didn’t find it surprising at all. What I found interesting and made me check it out was, that this was an event held by Germans. Something big, official, kind of a party, and it was somehow baffling to see real German people in Japan- I’ve not seen even one before, and now there were a lot of them in one place.

I then went to go home, shoving my bike (no idea why I didn’t ride it) and was surprised when a Japanese kid spoke to me in German.
There were three of them, and it turned out they had lived in Germany and returned to Japan and since I look pretty German … however, I awoke when we went to their home and they went to get some games to play.
You know, the old fashioned kind of games, like Monopoly and stuff.

When I awoke, I went to the toilet, then returned to bed and tried to get back into that dream, because I found it remarkable.
At some point, I achieved it.
I was in the same scene from which I awoke and thought “wow, let’s do a reality check”, pushed my finger through the palm of my other hand and - it went through!

I was so amazed by the fact that I was aware of the fact I’m dreaming, I turned my gaze to the right and the scenery went grey. I woke up.

I’d like to try that again and will look into the “wake back to bed” technique I’ve read about briefly. Now I have a personal experience and know it can be done. Before, I thought, maybe something inside myself rejected the idea too strongly and didn’t let me become lucid, but now that it happened, I wanna get into it even more.

Congractulations for your first LD ! keep going ! :wink:

Thanks :smile:
I’m aware of the fact I only managed to do this because I returned to my prior dream and noticed I was in the same dream again, then performed a reality check. Kind of … the right environment and a bit of luck that I remembered to do a RC.

Sometimes my dreams repeat several times during the same night, without a WBTB. Once I saw a post-it note on an old computer screen and recalled seeing it before in a dream. Became lucid immediately. Didn’t question it at all so didn’t need a reality check either.

Try to stabilize the dream next time you become lucid. Connect with the dream. Touch a wall or a table, anything.

Last night i tried to do a WBTB too but it didn’t work… i though about a place that reminds me Lucid Dreams but i wasn’t in it when i fell asleep :meh:

I had a lot of dreams I could remember in great clarity lately. When I woke up, I could “travel back” step by step and dig out more memories of it. And really, really strange dreams had happened where I seem to have totally accepted everything to be normal and totally real, not even coming close to thinking of it being a dream and performing a RC at all.
It’s a little frustrating :wink:

Have you ever had a dream journal?

No, when I wake up I’m too sleepy to write anything. I always need a coffee first. Do you think it’s absolutely necessary to have one? Isn’t it possible to “get in the habit to lucidly dream” without one?

Yes you can but it’s harder! there are many techniques that you can get in the LD4all guide but its better to have one, cause when you write in it…you have a better memory about your dreams like more feelings etc… personaly i think its usefull but some doesnt use it ! and if you are too lazy to write into the dream journal you can recorde your dreams on a tape ! it does work too but i rather writing them :smile:

Well, for now I’m extremely happy that I was able to successfully perform a RC in a dream. This was the first time it happened, and even tho I woke up instantly, it was a nice first step. I hope others will follow. Maybe I should look into WILD and other techniques more, maybe things like binaural beats etc.

Congratulations on your first LD. :smile:

Like WasPeace said, you should think about keeping a dream journal. It let’s your mind know that you want to remember dreams, and that they’re important, among other things. If you’re too tired to write, (as I often am!) then just make a few notes and write them out properly in the morning.