First lucid dream!

The dream was first day back at my school (it’s school holidays here at the moment) and I was talking to my school mates and stuff, pretty much just doing what I’d normally do.
But the layout of the school was kind of off. I was walking up some stairs that IRL have only 2 flights, but in my dream there were half a dozen or so. When I reached the top I thought ‘Hmmmm, that’s not right… I’m dreaming!’, and immediately woke up… Or so I thought.

So I get up, walk to my desk and pick up my watch to check the time. Except the watch is different and isn’t my watch, my watch is on my wrist - then my brother slams his door and wakes me up for real.

Anyway, I’ve only been at this a week and I’ve been making great progress. I now remember at least 1 dream vividly per night and I’ve already had my first lucid dream when I wasn’t trying.

Congratulations on your first LD Lawnmower!!:good:
Next time you should try some prolonging techniques, like spinning or rubbing your hands together.
Shame it didn’t last long enough for you to experiment a little more.

Congrats on the ld :smile: Lawnmower
May many more come your way fellow oneironaut!

Ok, I had a dream where I was walking through the mall and I suddenly realised I was dreaming. I don’t know what gave it away, if anything. Anyway, the dream instantly faded. I just pictured myself walking through the mall like I just had been and I was back! Unfortunetely I closed my eyes and then couldn’t see anything, but I could still feel.

After awhile I woke up, but I noticed that my bookcase was supersized and blocking my door. ‘Hmmm, that’s not right. Maybe I’m dreaming’. When I got up, the book case shrunk back to what it should be and I thought ‘Oh, I’m not dreaming’ and went back to dream-bed. I had a couple more FAs that I failed to recognise and then finally woke up for real.

I know I haven’t been lucid for more than a few moments but it’s still pretty damn cool.