First lucid dream!

Yes finally! Last night was pretty hectic cause I had one extremely realistic LD and 2 bursts of SP. Here’s how it went:

So it was late at night and I was trying to practise some WILD techniques. I got bored of trying so I decided I would go to sleep. Right before I was in the dream state I started thinking about something which kept me a wake a little longer. I started seeing HI and felt I was on the verge of SP but I didn’t have any SP. Instead I went straight into a LD. I didn’t know at first because it seemed exactly like real life.

Anyways the dream was about me at my grandmas who lives out in the country. I appeared on the gravel road beside her yard but it was all flooded. My neighbor was a dream character and he kept saying something like “get that s*** off the road”. So I treaded to my parents parked truck and I tried to drive it in the yard but it kept crashing into the ditch and wouldn’t work properly. After a while of that, I appeared in her house and my relatives were watching tv when I saw a huge tornado comming for us. I yelled at everyone to go to the cellar but they weren’t listening.

Frustrated, I watched the tornado pass dangerously close by the house and ran to the deck outside of the kitchen. When it was gone I noticed a black dog that my relatives used to take care of before they gave her back to the owners. I said to myself “she should be back with her owners” and I had the feeling that something wasn’t right. I then randomly pinched my nose and I started breathing through it. I then knew for sure that this wasn’t real and I was dreaming. I was extremely calm about it too but I woke up soon in mild SP. I tried to close my eyes and fall back asleep hoping to have another LD but I only had a 3 second dream then woke up back again in SP. I then finally went to sleep but without a dream that I could recall in the morning.

Everything felt so real. It was like an average day and I could smell, touch, taste, and I could even feel the water and the wind from the tornado. What could have I done to make it longer? I was calm and everything but I just woke up too soon. Was it maybe because my SP wasn’t strong enough?

Hey, congrats! That sounded like a pretty cool LD! I mean you could smell and taste! I still have some trouble with that, :shy:

To make it longer there’s always the good old spinning or hand rubbing. For me focusing on the hand rubbing (or any other tactile sensation) helps… Besides, the first ones usually are short… :sad:

Congratulations!! :cool_laugh:

It isn’t unusual for a first LD to be short, they will probably be easier to prolong with some practice.

Can’t hurt to shout something about increasing the lucidity in the dream. It helped bring me back from the verge of losing it.

The thing about lucid dreams is thinking too rationally will wake you up, and not thinking rationally enough will put you back into a ND. Try to stimulate parts of your brain that don’t require too much thought about the fact that you’re asleep. Use all of your senses in a dream, the more vivid it is, the less likely you are to feel your actual body, and thus wake up.

That aside, congrats on your first LD! Don’t worry, most people’s first LD last within the range of a few seconds, it’s a very exciting experience whether your reaction is calm or not. I have to admit, I’m jealous of the fact that you can taste and smell, as even though I have fairly long LDs, they don’t ever involve those senses.