First Lucid Dream

All right, I used to be really into lucid dreaming, for about a month I really tried to obtain lucidity in dreams. Only recently has my interest been rekindled after watching a random video about it on After watching the video I did some random googles and found myself here reading about all these great techniques like the finger tapping to keep brain awake while the body paralyzes itself and falls into sleep and the other technique of visualizing yourself other places. After a ton of reading I was fired up and for the next two nights I tried hard, RCs, telling myself I’d do it, etc.; all to no avail.

Finally, two nights ago I had my first lucid dream. The experience didn’t repeat itself the next night and I regret not writing about it in the journal I keep beside my bed. I promise myself to write them all down from now so that I can easily remember what they’re like and be reminded of the commonly occurring elements to help me notice I’m dreaming.

Anyway, I remember thinking in my head about opening my eyes and when I opened them I knew in my head that it was me commanding myself to open them in what was a dream I guess. Immediately I noticed colors and the image and scene I was looking at (from a first person perspective looking at the ground) was focused and it felt like I was awake but I knew, I can’t explain how, I was dreaming. I even said to myself, I’m dreaming!. I think I became overly excited because immediately I started trying to do things. Of course being a hot-blooded male at the age of 20, I went sexual and immediately tried to create a sexual experience but it was really weird and didn’t work at all, I couldn’t visualize it at all and soon gave up. All of this is hazy in my memory so bear with me, I then walked toward a wall and thought, “All right, I need to focus before I walk through this wall so that I can change where I am, if I mess this up I’m screwed.” For some reason I thought I needed to walk through the wall to change my scenery and for some reason I thought I’d be screwed if I didn’t do this. I think at this point I was beginning to lose control of the lucidity.

Basically, I just figured I’d tell you all how the dream went and hopefully get some encouraging feedback, suggestions and insights into my experience. I am in a whole new state of mind, eager to try to achieve lucidity again and I could use all the advice I can get.

Thanks in advance!

I must apologise for not replying earlier. I spent so long wondering whether to move this topic to DJ forum that I never got around to replying! :ack:

:wave: welcome to LD4all and congrats on your LD :smile:

:yes: we can get some weird ideas even when lucid

To increase lucidity in a dream - commands always work well “Increase lucidity” “increase vividness” etc
Rubbing your hands together can keep you in the dream too.
It’s also a good idea to have a few goals in mind otherwise your mind could be distracted by the thought of lucid sex :tongue:

I would advise you to read some of the knowledge base topics :smile: they have lots of good advice which is readily available :wink:

Thanks so much!

I totally forgot about those commands, I was reading other threads and saw similar suggestions, among them were spinning in circles to force your brain to remap the dreamscape. Rubbing the hands sounds weird but I’ll definitely keep that in mind too, haha. I’ll try to think about these methods, but I don’t know how well I’ll remember them during the lucid dream to actually attempt trying them out. As far as goals go, I definitely want to travel around my hometown by flight (superman style, haha) and in the long term once I get more adept, I’d like to use it to practice public speaking.

I think tonight, since it’s a weekend I’ll have a good chance to try especially after waking initially in the morning once. I’ve heard going back to bed after waking up is a great way to get a lucid dream since your body will go back to sleep before your mind might.

Oh yeah, I read some of your signature links and your lucid dreams sound interesting but so few? Is it common for people to have so few? I was hoping to achieve lucidity more often maybe even once a week at least.

Thanks again for your response! :happy:

I’m just a bad example :wink: But remember I had no lucidity at all for over 25 years and now my average is one every 2 months … which is a big jump. :content: