First lucid dream!!!!

Hello everyone!!
Today ( Well yesterday night) i did m’y first LD after exactly one week. I did a MILD and I woke up at around 6 a clock so it was easy to do one. Sorry for m’y standard english but im half english half french.

There are lots of people in different corridors, colorful place. It’s like a small village with it’s own bar etc…
Ii am looking or my maitre guide or something like this we call in French . A lady brings me into a bedroom but I think that I should move on to something else. I Manage to fly… I talkto a man which I recognize a being Hubert reeves. I ask him who I am bur I can’t remember the answer. I only remember that it was a very thought message . Then someone tells me Jesus is born! The same lady brings me into a bedroom but it’s not jjesus . It’s a cute little girl. I take ther in my arms…
During the dream I did a few x1000 and turn round, nbut I thought it was pretty easy to stay in the dream.
I’ll be glad to have any comments!!!


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I also remember trying to get invisible. My hands were fluorescent and transparent. I passed through peuple ! It was so fun

Hey man! Congratulations :happy: Pretty interesting dream. Be sure to keep a DJ (if you don’t already) and record your LDs there, also post it here on the forum so other dreamers can read them! :happy:

Thanks vert much! Yes i do have a dj since actually one week. Do you know any signification of these dreams?

Nice LD you had, congratulations! :clap:
By the way you started, it seems you’re off to great adventures, just remember to recall them all when you wake up! :wink:

Also, if you want to decipher a dream symbol, look into the feelings you had when you encountered it. They’re better than any dream dictionary :smile:

Thanks toxsykhor!!! Yes ok ill try and find out about m’y dreams with m’y feelings. In fact that night i did many more dreams but i wa livid only a few times.

Congratulations :razz:

Wow, congratulations!!
I wish my first one (not counting the few I had so long ago) is as amazing and vivid as yours! You got to do so many cool things already!

Congrats again!