First Lucid Dream

Well! After months upon months of trying to LD, I finally had one :happy: My dream recall has increased exponentially, along with my understanding of how to LD since i bought LaBerge’s book.

The last few nights since having the book, i’ve woken up 4 hours after going to sleep, read through a few pages, and tried to WILD. Last night, i did the same routine, started counting and got to around 100. The next thing i knew, i was in the dream! I walked into a colorful room, and I heard my mom yell something along the lines of, “something’s wrong with jasper!” (My dog). Confused, i walked in, and to my dismay, he was turning green! Immediately I just ‘knew’ i was dreaming, but I did a few reality checks just to be sure (Poked my finger through my hand, and looked at a clock several times.) Extremely excited, I though my hands outward (as if that would do something) trying to make something materialize. With no success, I walked further into this colorful house, and the next room appeared to be my kitchen. I walked up to the wall, and pushed my finger onto it with the intention to turn it blue. And it did! From this point on i have little to no memory of being lucid, and at some point i fall back into a non-LD. Which appeared to be something along the lines of a zombie apocalypse.

I laughed when i woke up a few hours later when i recalled LD’ing, in excitement, and by the fact that I seemed to have had forgot everything I learned/wanted to do in a LD, while I was LD’ing (i guess from the pure excitement of it all).

A tip, for anyone who has trouble. I found that trying to WILD, with the counting method, works best if your not so tired that when you close your eyes you’ll instantly go to sleep ( which might be good? at least not for me, haha) but rather when you get up and wake yourself up a little bit.

Thanks for everyone’s help on the forums, and I can’t wait to have more LD’s.

Big congrats. :smile: