First Lucid Dreams... Scary?

I had a “problem” earlier with waking up in my dreams and everything just seamed so real. I have never dreamed lucid dreams before and I wounder if this IS lucid dreaming. I wake up, but stilll dreaming. Lying in my bed. I see everything around me clearly but I cant move. I cant move my body, but If I try REALY hard, I can stretch out of my body.

The four times I’ve dreamt this way I have thought it was realy scary and anoying. But, IF this is lucid dreaming, then there shouldnt be anything to be sceared of, right?

Is this lucid dreaming?

Sounds more like an false awakening to me with dream sleep paralysis.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “I can stretch out of my body.”, though but it sounds like it maybe an OBE?

i think this is a false awakening… i think there should be a topic around on these forums wich explains exactly this phenonomen… try to find something like

“the BIG flase awakening and old hag topic”

i think there should be something like this around, wich explains that you cannot move and such…

So… if I got this correctly, this is NOT lucid dreaming? But maybe it could be turned into?

A bit of explenation:
“I can stretch out of my body”: It feels like I’m stuck in my bed with rubberbands. So I can move, but It’s hard. And when I move, my body ain’t following with me.
Sometimes I get loose, so I may freely move in my room but My body is still in the bed. I havn’t explored this mery much because all I wanted when I had those dreams was to get out of them.

I know that i’m dreaming and can think clearly in my dream. BUT, it’s not lucid dreaming then?

its not really lucid dreaming i think, but its something in the same field… so you can find ppl that know alot about it on these forums, as i said, there is a thread stickied about these sort of things in the OOBE thread…

Yep, i agree with what i’ve been said before. It is SP.

I managed to turn it to LD a couple times. What I did is “swimming” movements, really hard until I feel my "dream arms " are moving, then I can entirely crawl out of my bed…

Each times, it was for sure not an OBE, even if my room seemed so realmistic, some details were unfamiliar afterwards, so it was “just” an LD. :content:

Thanks for your help! This is a whole new world for me opening up.

I will absolutely try this!

I’ll get back when I got something new to tell ya guys!

yea what you experienced sounds like sleep paralasis with an oobe to me.

You’re deffinately experienced a FA plus SP here. No worries, it’s completely safe. :yes: