First Lucid moment

I wasn’t able to write my DJ for about 4 days, but I still recalled some of my dreams, that I later forgot. I want to get another DJ, because the first one is a very tiny notebook.

So this morning I had a strange dream:
The first thing I remember was that I was in a city surrounded by 17th century buildings (old town) and the second thing I did was a nose plug RC, which led to my lucidity. Right after that it all faded and I woke up in bed, but was still dreaming. After a few FA which were less and less vivid I got up.

In the evening I just had an Idea of waking up to write more dreams, because I can only remember two dreams at once, but three dreams in one night. The strange thing is that I feel I had that dream just to get lucid: there were no people and the layout of the buildings was very generic. I am quite disappointed that my DR wasn’t very good that morning, so I just remember I had that lucid moment, not the feeling itself. I hope I get back to my 3 dreams a night tempo soon (which also makes dreams more vivid).

Do you also have dreams with immediate RC (without intending the RC)?