First major attempt at LD

The weirdest thing i have EVER expeirienced happened last night. I just type this all out but it said i had to log in, so I typed my user eame and pass, and all i typed was GONE :sad: but anyways…I was really worn out that day, i fell asleep at 6:00 PM :bored: and woke up at 2:00 AM, i decided to try a WILD, i came on the forums and read for an hour, and i layed down, and cleared my mind, and thought to myself “I’m going to sleep now, I’m going to have a dream.” I did this for a long time untill i started seeing allt hese weird colors. Yellow, red, black, and purple. It started getting really weird, i was sort of half in a dream and half awake, i was still thinking “I’m going to sleep now, I’m going to have a dream” and in my dream i was in a kitchen type area, with white cuboards that had green borders. Then that went away and i was at a forum thingy. And i saw some type, and Read it, and then read it agian and it changed, for a short milisecond i was like, I’M IN A LD! and then this scary face popped up outta no where! And then i woke up, but when i woke i heard this weird music comin from thru my wall, and it was a harmonica and a guitar. My brother plays the harmonica so i thought it was him, i wanteed to get up to tell my mom that he was here (he is in college IRL) and I couldn’t MOVE! SLEEP PARALYSIS! I struggled and struggled, and then, i woke up again…I was thinking, i just had a false awakening, i then saw these little black dots all over my bedroom door, i thought this was normal and just ignored it but then i felt somthing was coming :oh: I tried moving, but once again i got no where! ANOTHER SLEEP PARALYSIS!! I woke up agian, for real this time. What was odd was all of this was so incredibly real! :crazy: I think this means i am getting REALLY close to having a LD :content:

It sounds as if you did have an LD, it just lasted about 2 seconds. :wink:

Anyway, using my new-found theory, I believe that you had this success simpy because you got so much sleep. You had 8 hours of sleep, then woke up and tried WILD. Now, because you were no longer tired, you slept very lightly - which is the perfect time to LD.

Eveyone should try sleeping longer - I guarentee you will have more success.

Really? heh, YAY, i had my first LD! :cool_laugh:

Congratulations on having your first LD! All you have to do now is work on getting them to last a bit longer. :content:

It’s unfortunate when you’re new to Lucid Dreaming and you can’t seem to be able to stay in one for longer than a few seconds. Still, simply realizing that you are dreaming and taking control is considered to be a LD, no matter how short it is. Just keep working at it, and perhaps do a little research on methods of prolonging LDs. There are loads of info almost anywhere that you find a FAQ/guide on the subject.

I’m not sure about that scary face though…seems a little disturbing to me. :grin:

I just realised somthing. It lasted a bit longer then i thought, when i had the false awakening i was still lucid, cuz i remember that part so well, and remember trying to lift my arms and legs. So i was lucid for about…60 seconds! ALRIGHT! :grin:

about that scary face…Its prolly cuz my friend gave me a link to one of those things that makes u look for somthing on the screen and then the face pops up and you hear a scream. I hate those things. lol

Yea I know what you mean about SP, it triggers FA. Get in the habbit of doing a RC every time you wake up, it might save you a few LD.

You just gave me a great idea. To add to Atheists ‘new-found theory’: You went to sleep at 6PM, slept 8 hours, and woke in the middle of the night and did a WILD. Being halfway in the usual sleep cycle where your body normally sleeps, and completing delta sleep, WILD should be much easier than the usual WBTB in early morning hours. The best part is you have the whole night to use WBTB and sleep is easy to find, unlike in the morning.

I will give this a try should I be tired enough to sleep so early.