First Night

ok, so my friend Magus176 tells me last night about, so i decide to give it a try. i read up, and i go to bed at 12, with paper and pen by my bed. im laying in bed, telling myself that i am falling asleep, i am dreaming, i will remember my dream. i had a really hard time falling asleep, took me over 4 and a half hours. over that time, i had several times where i had a thingly sensation, went lightheaded, and everything went black. but everytime i almost fall asleep, i have a realization that i stop breathing, or i am not getting enough air, so i am forced to gasp for air. magus176 tells me that i was concentrating on achieving MILD so hard that i was having WILD symptoms. i have no idea what the difference is, and i dotn remember falling asleep but i remember starting to dream. i had some really wierd dreams, and i can remember 4 different themes, from sword fighting, to riding a bus in search of sushi, to riding in a car with magus? and to chilling in a play ground with some other friend. i even dreamed that i woke up and started writing down my dreams on the paper by my bed. i later woke up at 6, to realized i did not write anything down. i know its probably impossible to write while dreaming, cuz i cant read words, so was i really dreaming? or was i thinking about doing it that i visualized it in my head? i was wondering if i could get some feedback on this wierd night, cuz magus176 tells me i did more in one night than he did in a month. but im still confused on what exactly i did, or didnt do.

Wow. Well, for starters you had a FA, a false awakening. You dreamt that you awoke in bed. This can be used to achieve lucidity.
Then, second of all, you experienced WILD, although very subtly.
That tingly sensation means that you almost made it into the dreamworld without losing conciousness. You almost fell asleep while being awake :tongue:

A WILD and a FA on your first night. Not bad at all, I’m sure magus176, as well as everyone else here at the forum, envys you.

Welcome to the forum! :smile:

nice. you did do more than most people could do in a week. Keep at it. Don’t try so hard too. Just do MILD for 10 mins and then let yourself fall asleep. Don’t think anymore after that. Keeping yourself awake will undermine your attempts. But I think because you were conscious so long and thinking about LDing, you got pretty close. Do a reality check every time you wake up, because you could be dreaming.

ok…pleez somebody help me with all these words!! like MILD and FA and stuff like that…I NEED HELP

Damn right I envy the bugger… :grin:

yeah at times like this you just wanna post something like “WBTB is bad for you don’t do it” sorta… sabotage them all… heh heh heh I’d like to see you post more here, magus. keep us posted about the lding, roboto.

wow, i have to be the stupidest person ever. last night, i was dreaming, and suddenly, i think to myself, am i dreaming? why am i in france? im in this store/resturant, so i look at some product lablels. they come out to be something like “St.gxgr$s%s” so im thinking… hrm… but then i decide that it must be some wierd french writing, so i go in search of a clock. i could not find a digitial clock, but i found several hand clocks. they all seemed to tell pretty good time, although some had the 12 missing on the top, and some were slanted, with the 1 on the top instead of the 12, or a 0. being an idiot, i figured this was some stupid french design, and figured that i was not dreaming. pretty stupid eh? :content:

Ha. Yes, wow. Your making remarkable progress. Mabye you have many LD (Lucid Dreams), but only just started remembering them. MagusNo. do you find it hard to LD.

Put your mouse over the top of a letter shortcut like LD and you will get a discription. Visit: for descriptions, but watch out, it bored me after a while.

Technodreamer Not to much time to type, having tea.

Yeah, I’ve been LDing for almost a year (december 18th was starting date), and making slow progress (due to lack of focus…I blame my ADD, which will soon be medicated with the magic drug Strattera).

I tend to think a LOT in real life (to the point that I occasionally, maybe once every few months, enjoy a puff on a blunt to let myself be a fucking idiot), so I am conducive to LDing occasionally. In the past, realization of dreaming meant awakening, but I have learned to control it. It’s a slow affair, my average LD is 1-5 minutes long, but I’m getting BETTER.

My problem is no longer stability and vividity, but staying lucid and reaching a high level of that. HIGH LEVEL, I SAY.