First notable dream sign...

It seems through all the dreams I’ve had, unless I false awaken into it, I don’t realize I’m dreaming. Well last night was different. As I was dreaming I was entering a door, all of the sudden I saw something and it feels like my mind just triggered “This is a dream”. I even said to myself, oh hey, I’m dreaming. Though I didn’t decide to pursue it and drifted away from lucidity. It was so odd, I see tons of things that can tell you you’re dreaming, yet the one time I do something normal such as enter a room all of the sudden its like my brain clicked and I realized I was dreaming. I can’t remember much more from that scene except entering the door and realizing I was dreaming.

Is there more behind finding dream signs? I mean, I should be able to realize I’m dreaming at any moment with all the crazy stuff I see, but something so normal making me realize I’m dreaming was unexpected.

It’s not all about dream signs, it’s often more about questioning reality and also about the moments that you do most RC’s in WL. I do more RC’s when sitting behind my desk, because I read about lucid dreaming behind it…I once become lucid behind my desk while doing a RC for no particular reason. Maybe you question your reality more often while walking into a room, then when being in one?

The only reality check routine I follow is when I wake up. Reality checks throughout the day are too random and I tend to not do them in dreams no matter how much I do them throughout the day. Simply because I have to do them randomly when I’m awake.

I’ve only had LDs that begin after a FA or I’m dreaming about my house. My house is my most noticable dream sign. I guess it’s easier to know something is off when you see it often enough.

Try doing RCs every time you enter a room, like brb123 said. That’ll probably help you become lucid more.

gor me the only dream sign i noticed up to now is that something breaks down xD
like my trousers or my key or a car, since i notiuced that i RC everyti9me somethings breaks down. (havent had an LD by that yet xD)