First OBE experience?

Well with the help of the videos at Lucidology I have become a master of putting my body to sleep using twitches. A few days ago I was spending some time trying for an OBE and I had put my body to sleep. I can’t remember all the sensations I had very clearly, but I am fairly certain I heard to rushing sounds, felt no vibrations. At one point I opened my eyes or saw through my eyes but my viewpoint was wrong. I was laying on my right side with my face to the opposite wall at an angle. In this strange viewpoint I was looking at the opposite wall as if I was sitting in the middle of the bed, through the bed, with my head coming out somewhere near my head or upper chest. I was not seeing the wall or the room at an angle. I’m also pretty sure I saw something very strange. It was shaped like an old jukebox, sitting not far from my bed. Flat sides, rounded top, turquoise in color, round nubs running under the arch, 1-2 feet wide and 3-4 feet tall. Days later I saw a caterpillar the exact same color in my dream, after going to bed wondering if I could see whatever it was that I saw again. The caterpillar turned into a snake and left a trail of shiny slime. My first thought when I saw the caterpillar was something akin to Alice seeing the caterpillar on the mushroom in Alice in Wonderland. Something magical, weird, you’d only see if you were high (which I wasn’t), etc. Dunno what to think about it turning into a snake. All I know is that it really stood out from the rest of the dream, and I wasn’t Lucid, so I didn’t get to talk to the entity.

Anyone have any thoughts on my experience and what this entity may be?

  • Deathbliss

Ah, that I would consider one of those annoying ripples in some estuary of consciousness between dreams/meditation/obe/ap/sp. They’re fascinating, but I’ve given up on trying to interpret the tiny details of those. I’ve had SP with rushing wind before, though, accompanied by dream-memory melding. It was just odd.