FIRST ONE but problems...

Well last night i have my first lucid dream ever :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: !!! I used the WBTB method with MILD when i went to sleep.I used it to have sex, hehe, it was fun… but anways, first problem is that the dream world was not very vivid at all, i could easliy tell it was a dream, it was not very lifelike. Also, each dream only lasted about a minute before fading. I tried screaming “INCREASE LUCIDITY NOW”, and because i expected the lucidity to increase, it did! but eventually it faded, and i “woke up.” Then i did an RC and realized it was a false awakening. This happenend 3 or 4 times. Fortunately i did an RC to make sure i wasn’t still dreaming, but unfortunately, i think i did an RC just because the world was not very vivid. The RC i did was plugging my nose and trying to breathe through it. it really works! but anyways, my questions were how can i recduce the number of false awakenings i have, and also, how can i make the dreamworld more vivid? Thanx a TON!

i can’t think of a direct way of reducing the false awakenings, but by the way you describe it, they sound like a good thing… because they’re triggering lucidity for you. :happy:

but, for your vividness. just do the physical techniques, such as rubbing your hands together or spinning around in a circle, and see if that works for you better, i know it works wonders for a lot of people. or you could try examining objects up close. also, i’m sure it will just get better as you progress because your awareness will get to a higher level and things like that.

Right, false awakenings are actually good as you can use them to trigger lucidity.

Ask yourself some facts from the waking life, like you age, you name, your tel. numbers, what you had for dinner yesterday… It will help you to increase awarness. With increased awarness you can increase vividness and do other stuff to make your LD better.

Like, focusing on vividness even more then before and demanding it to increase.

Well, the problem with the false awakenings i had is that i was in the dream for like 1 minute, then “woke up”, then realized i was dreaming and 1 minute later i “woke up” again. I just got really annoying how i couldn’t just stay in the dream and it kept being interupted by me “waking up”.

Oh yes, I see. I don’t think you should worry for now. Just try to enjoy them as they are. With practice it will get the way you want it. :wink:

Did you notice that your false awakening was much more vivid and realistic than your lucid segment? This happens a lot with me… seems to act as an extra factor to confuse you into believing you have woken up. But if you can become lucid during the FA you are rewarded with a more vivid lucid experience. :content:

i too have used the plugging ur nose meatod, and yea it does work, feels VERY weird tho…

No, actually the world when i had a FA was not very realistic… i think that’s why i remembered to do an RC. yea, plugggin your nose for an RC does feel really wierd!!

if you want a lucid dream to last longer and it’s starting to fade away according to the institute faq they say you can do two things the best is to pretend you are spinning and second best one is to rub your hands together. I did try once rubbing my hands together freaky thing it’s as if I pressed pause on the dream then I said to myself geez I rubbed my hands too much and too hard then let go then it unfroze. But you can try those two see if they work.